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Week Two is another strong week for New Issues with a number of heavy-issuers (such as the United States, France and Russia) releasing their first stamps of 2020. Thailand has its second set of the year scheduled for Saturday, 11 January, although this may be shifted back a day or two.

As of today (5 January), there are three issues for the forthcoming week that I have not yet been able to find images for (Hungary, Russia and UN-Geneva).  I created a few place-holder articles with an “Image Unavailable” design so it will be easy to update once I do find artwork.

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Postnord | Postnord (English) | About Stamps

The English version of The Stamp Year 2020 was not yet online as of late November 2019, but a little digging on the Swedish version of the Postnord website revealed two upcoming stamps on the Frimärksåret 2020 page.  The page mentions that the full programme will be announced on 7 January.

09 January 2020


Sweden: Doors, 9 January 2020. Image from Postnord.
Sweden: Doors, 9 January 2020. Image from Postnord.

Following is machine-translated from Swedish from the Frimärksåret 2020 page:

Stamp Edition – Doors

January 9, 2020
The values ​​are SEK 50 and SEK 20 you supplement with when you send eg. our pre-stamped bags for overseas or other heavier shipments. Doors have a basic function to close, close out and protect. But they can also tell a story about their time and about the house and its inhabitants. SEK 50 has the door to Zorngården as a motif, designed by Zorn himself. SEK 20 shows the door from Villa Edstrand in Falsterbo designed by architect Sigurd Lewerentz.

roller Stamp
100 pcs / roll, 1 motif, 50 kr.

roller Stamp
100 pcs / roll, 1 motif, 20 kr.

All stamps are printed in offset at Cartor Security Printing CSP.”