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06 May 2020

Finland National Flag

Finland: National Flag, Date To Be Announced. Image from GULFMANN STAMPS WORLD blog.

The 2020 Stamp Programme for Finland was announced by Posti on 17 October 2019.

From the Posti press release published on 17 October 2019:

The stamp featuring the Finnish flag was created through a design competition. The winner of the competition, Ville Tietäväinen, designed a stamp that uses the Finnish national landscape as a starting point. In the stamp, half of the Finnish flag is reflected on the surface of a still lake, forming a blue cross. The Blue Reflection stamp sheet has 10 domestic no-value indicator stamps.


Following a rare-in-July day without mail (possibly due to the heavy monsoonal rains we experienced all day), I received a single envelope containing a single stamp which happened to be a new addition to my A Stamp From Everywhere collection – French Andorra.  I also recently obtained my first stamps from the Spanish administration of the co-principality and so will be putting together a “Stamp Issuers” installment detailing its history and stamps.


The French Andorran stamp is Scott #458, released on 4th November 1995 to mark the tiny enclave’s entry into the Council of Europe.  I’m always a sucker for flags on stamps!  (As you will soon see, I’ve recently created a set of flag stamps for the Muang Phuket Local Post.)

The stamp was ordered from a dealer in the Netherlands but was mailed in Belgium.  The envelope is covered with eight copies of Scott #B875 , a semi-postal released on 11 September 1971 to raise money for the Wallonia Festival, and one copy of Scott #734 which was released on 31 January 1970 for the Ghent International Flower Exhibition.  The latter stamp was also featured in a souvenir sheet of three released on 25 April 1970.

I love receiving mail that looks like this envelope; it’s a nice bonus when ordering stamps from other collectors and dealers.

Happy Collecting!