The past week has been extremely busy, mostly catching up on stamp issues missed upon the initial announcement or lack thereof.  After seeing it listed first on eBay and then on Colnect, I have recently added the Israeli helicopter ATM-vended postage released on 1 January as well as a huge number of stamps issued by the French Southern and Antarctic Lands on 2 January; they issue all of their stamps for the entire year on a single day and they are on sale for two years after that.

I have recently passed the 80-entity mark on this site (although not all of these have an associated 2020 stamp issued…yet). It is a far cry from the estimated 230 stamp-issuers who released stamps in 2019 but I am making progress.  Postal authority websites are a mixed bag — some offer a wealth of information in multiple languages along with good-quality images while others do not cater to philatelists at all or once did but have not been updated in many years.  I am considering writing reviews of some of the truly user-friendly sited but that may have to wait until this year is over.  When would I find the time?

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