My Philatelic Pursuits — both the blog and my personal collecting activities — have pretty much grinded to a halt in the past few months. This has mostly been due to lack of time as I was bogged-down with work and personal matters. Now that I do have time, I am finding it difficult to resume either. I am trying to motivate myself for a return to the hobby of stamp collecting (and blogging about it). I am to the point that I feel I can provide an update of sorts….

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This has NOT been an easy month and 2021 is, generally, a much worse year than 2020 thus far.

In Thailand, COVID-19 cases continue to surge and we are now averaging around 22,000 new cases per day. Frontline workers are so overwhelmed that people have been dying in the streets and left there as nobody is available to remove them. Crematoriums in the Buddhist temples are working overtime. There has been an escalation of violent protests in Bangkok in recent weeks. The Delta variant has a hold on this nation that has no sign of ending anytime soon.

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