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The English version of The Stamp Year 2020 was not yet online as of late November 2019, but a little digging on the Swedish version of the Postnord website revealed two upcoming stamps on the Frimärksåret 2020 page.  The page mentions that the full programme will be announced on 7 January.


2020 Stamp Programme

  1.   09 January 2020:  Heartfelt Greetings
  2.   09 January 2020:  Doors
  3.   30 April 2020:  Active Leisure
  4.   30 April 2020:  Hilma af Klint
  5.   30 April 2020:  EUROPA — Ancient Postal Routes
  6.   30 April 2020:  Queen Silvia 2020
  7.   27 August 2020:  My Dog
  8.   27 August 2020:  Stairs
  9.   12 November 2020:  Christmas 2020
  10.   12 November 2020:  Winter Animals

Following is machine-translated from Swedish of the Frimärksåret 2020 page:

Welcome to a new stamp year. We hope that our upcoming themes and motifs will make it even more fun for you to send greetings and collect new beautiful motifs.

This year’s stamp program, as always, contains a mix of themes and motifs, we believe and hope that you will find something that fits your wishes and your needs. On January 7, we will show you all the themes of the year.

All stamps are printed in offset at Cartor Security Printing CSP.

Complete stamp are available in the store.

Policy for handling stamp images / Publishing of stamp images In all publications, unless otherwise agreed or approved:

The stamp must be depicted in its entirety and with stamp markings.
The stamp image must not be altered. Sweden, denomination and ignition must be included.
The images are free to use in editorial text on the stamps. All other uses require permission.”


According to Wikipedia:

PostNord AB is the name of the holding company of the two merged postal companies Posten AB and Post Danmark that were officially merged on 24 June 2009. The name of the group was changed 17 May 2011 from Posten Norden to PostNord.

President and CEO is Håkan Ericsson and Jens Moberg is the chairman. The former president and CEO, Lars Idermark, resigned in December 2012 to take up the same positions in the forest group Södra. The former chairman, Fritz Schur, left in April 2013.

The Swedish state is the majority share holder with 60% and the remaining 40% is held by the Danish state.[9] Voting rights are shared equally (50/50).

PostNord implemented a new organization in 2014 with three focus areas: Mail & Communication, logistics and e-commerce.

The logistics market in the Nordic region has had a relatively stable development. The Nordic logistics market that is relevant to PostNord equates to about SEK 150–190 billion. Demand for parcel services, the shipping of part and full loads and third-party logistics (TPL) has grown, while the trend for demand in Air & Ocean has been weaker.

PostNord operates in all the Nordic countries and Germany, and via its subsidiary Direct Link it also runs international operations in the form of distribution solutions for lightweight goods and it is part of the DPD network for global logistics solutions.”