Wikipedia defines a Local Post as:

“…a mail service that operates only within a limited geographical area, typically a city or a single transportation route. Historically, some local posts have been operated by governments, while others, known as private local posts have been for-profit companies. Today, many stamp collectors operate hobbyists’ local posts, issuing their own postal “stamps” for other collectors but rarely carrying any mail.”

I have been operating my own hobbyist local posts for years and have issued a total of 54 face-different stamps under the names of Muang Phuket Local Post, Republica Phuketia, Phuketia, and eccPost.  I really should join the Local Post Collectors Society one of these years, membership in which includes a bi–monthly journal called The Poster. Each year, members vote on a theme to produce stamps commemorating World Local Post Day on the last Monday each January.

Phuketia - MPLP #Ph50 (2018)
Phuketia – MPLP #Ph50 (2018)

Information about most operating local posts is difficult to come by. Most do not announce releases in advance (other than for the above-mentioned World Local Post Day. The most active is probably Philosateleian Post which publishes a newsletter as well as a comprehensive website.

I have decided to include Local Posts amongst the other stamp-issuing entities for 2020.  All of their “releases” will be indexed on this page rather than individual pages, which will link to the posts describing their stamp issues.

Philosateleian Post

  1.   27 January 2020:  World Local Post Day — End of World War II 75th Anniversary


  1.  12 August 2020:  Free Thai Movement Against Japanese Occupation of Phuket, 1941-1945