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2020 Stamp Programme

  1.   26 May 2020:  Definitive Stamps — Van Kingdom (Series 14)
  2.   16 June 2020:  Flora and Fauna of the Ancient World
  3.   26 June 2020:  Victory in the Great Patriotic War 75th Anniversary
  4.   03 July 2020:  EUROPA — Ancient Postal Routes
  5.   10 July 2020:  Napoleon Bonaparte
  6.   20 July 2020:  Jean Jansem (Hovhannes Semerdjian) Birth Centenary
  7.   Date To Be Announced:  Gevorg Chaush 150th Birth Anniversary (postal card)
  8.   Date To Be Announced:  Historical and Cultural Monuments of Armenia
  9.   Date To Be Announced:  Armenian Cultural Heritage in the Asian Region — Church of Saint Gregory the  Illuminator in Singapore
  10.   Date To Be Announced:  World Famous Armenians — Arshile Gorky
  11.   Date To Be Announced:  Sergo Hambardzumyan
  12.   Date To Be Announced:  Flora and Fauna of Armenia
  13.   Date To Be Announced:  Manuc Bei (joint issue with Romania)
  14.   Date To Be Announced:  Treaty of Sevres Centenary
  15.   Date To Be Announced:  Autonomous Syunik Centenary
  16.   Date To Be Announced:  Henri Verneuil (Ashot Malakian) Birth Centenary
  17.   Date To Be Announced:  Armenian Olympic Champions. Simon Martirosyan
  18.   Date To Be Announced:  Yeghishe Tadevosyan 150th Birth Anniversary
  19.   Date To Be Announced:  Ghevond Alishan Birth Bicentenary (postal card)
  20.   Date To Be Announced:  Alexander Harutyunyan Birth Centenary
  21.   Date To Be Announced:  Ghazaros Saryan Birth Centenary
  22.   Date To Be Announced:  Cultural Figures — Hrachya Nersisian 125th Birth Anniversary
  23.   Date To Be Announced:  Ludwig van Beethoven 250th Birth Anniversary
  24.   Date To Be Announced:  Internet in Armenia (postal card)
  25.   Date To Be Announced:  High Technologies — “Silicon Mountains” Forum (postal card)
  26.   Date To Be Announced:  Atabek Khnkoyan 150th Birth Anniversary
  27.   Date To Be Announced:  Diana Apcar
  28.   Date To Be Announced:  Means of Transport — Bicycle
  29.  Date To Be Announced:  Children’s Philately — Armenian Cartoons
  30.   Date To Be Announced:  Laureates of “Aurora” Prize — Mirza Dinnayi
  31.   Date To Be Announced:  “Neruzh” Program (“Potential”) (postal card)
  32.   Date To Be Announced:  Lunar New Year
  33.   Date To Be Announced:  New Year and Christmas