New Issues 2020

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In early September 2019, the first few stamps for 2020 began to be announced.

Themes for several of the popular annual omnibus issues were revealed in October 2019. The EUROPA stamps for 2020 will portray “Ancient Postal Routes”, NORDEN stamps will focus on “Mammals”,  and the SEPAC issues for the year will portray “Artwork from the State Collection”. I do not believe there will be common-themed stamps by the ASEAN nations as these are usually issued every two years; 2019 saw National Costumes as the topic.

Chinese New Year will, of course, be marked by numerous stamp-issuing entities (including a number with few, if any Chinese-descended residents). This will be the Year of the Rat (or Mouse, if you prefer) and several nations are set to issue their stamps as early as November 2019; those designs thus far announced for issuance in 2020 include those from Canada, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Macau, and the United States.

As I write this (on 30 October), the United States Postal Service has announced 58 different stamp designs for 2020, included in 18 issues.  At least  double this number will be released by the end of next year.  Canada Post has also announced the subjects for 17 different issues with a few images also publicized.

The New Issues pages for 2020 are organized by the stamp-issuing entities rather than by month (as I attempted in 2019). They will include links to the blog articles where information and images for each stamp issue will be found.  It is my plan to create a blog entry for each stamp issue, be it a single stamp or a set of 10, which I can update later with additional or higher-resolution images and other information as I find it. I hope this proves useful in cataloging the stamps issued in 2020 and keeping the details organized.


Calendar of All Scheduled New Issues 2020