Muang Phuket Local Post – MPLP #21-26 (2015) on first day cover
Muang Phuket Local Post – MPLP #21-26 (2015) on first day cover; 6 of 11 stamps in a set marking ASEAN Day, August 8, 2015. Conveyed my MPLP to Phuket Philatelic Museum, postmarked Phuket on August 8, 2015, where it entered the mail stream.

Long-time readers of this blog and Asian Meanderings may recall that, from time to time, I have dabbled with creating “fantasy stamps” for my own local post. The Muang Phuket Local Post had its first releases in October 2013 and had a total of 26 designs through early August 2015. The stamps were printed on sticker paper (imperforate!) and affixed to the lower left of any correspondence I sent. I mailed first day covers to myself from a postbox near my work and these usually took between ten and 14 days to travel the two miles or so to my home (I think most of them went via Bangkok, 525 miles away!).

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After a week or so of the barest of trickles, the floodwaters opened today and once again a nice-sized stack of mail awaited my return from work.  It was a bit of a card-oriented day – only one short set of “real” stamps and a couple of souvenir folders of local post issues from Lundy Island – and Great Britain dominated the senders’ countries.  In all, five pieces of mail from the UK, one from France, and two parcels from the U.S.

Scan_20150723 (11)

The Qu’aiti State in Hadhramaut counts as a “new” country in my A Stamp From Everywhere collection as the sheikdom in Aden Protectorate had changed its name from the Qu’aiti State of Shihr and Mukalla.  These four stamps are the lowest values (Scott #29-32)  in a set of twelve released on 1 September 1955, the first with the new name inscribed. 

Scan_20150723 (37)

Lundy Island is probably my favorite of the local posts that I collect.  The island itself is quite interesting and I particularly like the stamps portraying puffins which is also the “currency” used.  Some of the earlier issues portrayed the number of puffins equal to the stamp’s denomination.  Today, I received two similar souvenir folders – this one has the complete 1982 definitive set while the other has the three-stamp issue marking Winston Churchill’s death in 1965.

Scan_20150723 (16)

Here we have a maxi-card bearing the lovely stamp issued by Monaco in 1977 marking the 50th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic, an addition to my “Pioneers of American Aviation” topical collection.

Scan_20150723 (33)

This year marks the 175th anniversary of the world’s first stamp, the famed Penny Black.  A number of countries have issued stamps commemorating this anniversary but I have yet to obtain a single one (I celebrated by purchasing an 1840 Penny Black with my initials – MJ – as the control letters).  However, I just received this souvenir card issued at London’s Europhilex stamp show a couple of months ago.  It illustrates Sir Rowland Hill’s original sketches for what became the Penny Black.

Scan_20150723 (19)

Although I am adopted, I am proud of my adoptive family’s name and wish that more was known of its early history.  The story that I remembering hearing as a child was that the “a” in Joachim was dropped when my grandfather emigrated to the United States (I believe through Ellis Island).  So I am always on the lookout for philatelic items bearing either of the spellings.  This card is one of a lot of posted-on-board items from Danish ferries.  I will write about them in some detail – starting with the M/F Prins Joachim, of course – on my postcard blog in the near future.


Finally, I received three new rubber stamps for my own little local post – Muang Phuket LP.  The one on the left was intended as a first day of issue postmark for the ASEAN Day issue (8 August) but I ordered the 2-inch size which is too big; I’ll probably use it as a cachet instead and “cancel” the stamps using my generic “wave” postmark.  A tuk-tuk is a local mode of transportation; my rubber stamp supplier had a buy-one get-one for free promotion which is why I have two sizes of that…

Scan_20150723 (9)

Happy Collecting!

Trial 001d - ThailandTrial 002b - Indonesia


Trial 003b - SingaporeTrial 004b - Malaysia


Trial 005b - LaosTrial 006b - Myanmar

Trial 007b - PhillippinesTrial 008a - Cambodia

Trial 009a - VietnamTrial 010a - Brunei

Trial 011b - ASEAN

ASEAN Day 2015:  Member States Flags

First Day of Issue:  8 August 2015



DIMENSIONS: 1.75 x 1.16 inches / 40mm x 30mm
PERFORATION:  Imperforate
GUM:  Self-adhesive
DENOMINATION:  50 satang
SHEET FORMAT:  12 stamps (3 x 4); 1 of each design, two of ASEAN flag


It is with great pleasure that Muang Phuket Local Post announces a special stamp release in conjunction with ASEAN Day on 8 August.  Only the second MPLP issue of 2015, it is the largest issue yet – one stamp for each of the 10 member states of the Association of South East Asian Nations plus the ASEAN flag itself.  The stamps are imperforate, printed digitally on self-adhesive paper and will be released in a sheet of twelve featuring one each of the member states’ flags plus two of the official ASEAN flag.


The ten members of ASEAN are:

  • Brunei dar Salaam
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • The Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

A very limited number of first day covers will be prepared, featuring MPLP stamps on the lower left side of the envelopes; a Thai stamp will be affixed in the upper right corner to receive Thailand Post’s Phuket hand-stamped postmark. 

Mint sets of the ASEAN Day issue may be obtained by sending a self-addressed envelope to:

                    MARK JOCHIM
                    Thanaporn 2 Guesthouse
                    8/1 Suthas Soi 2 #402
                    T. Talat Yai
                    A. Muang Phuket

Please enclose a US $1 bill or the equivalent amount in mint postage stamps (64p for Great Britain, €0,92 for EU countries, etc.) to contribute towards postage costs for each set of eleven stamps. 

Requests for full sheets should be accompanied by an A5 or 5×7-inch SAE and US $2 or its equivalent in stamps. 

Operators of other local posts should feel free to send samples of their own local post stamps in equal exchange for MPLP stamps, no postage contribution required. 

Previous Muang Phuket Local Post stamps are used on the outer envelopes of all requests.

ASEAN Day 2015 Souvenir Sheet-final