Most of this page was written on 8 May 2015, just as I was about to launch Philatelic Pursuits as my first stamp blog.  Not much has changed in the ensuing years other than a change in name for the postcard blog (then known as “Please, Mr. Postman!”), an additional stamp blog (A Stamp A Day which was added to every day between the beginning of July 2016 and the end of March 2019). At the end of December 2019, I moved Philatelic Pursuits from a (free) blog to a (paid) hosted site with its own dot com address. I have kept this “About Me” almost identical to what I wrote nearly five years ago, just adjusting length-of-time references and adding an explanation of terminology.  I have never been a fan of writing these types of summaries…

Here’s my “About Me”:

I’m an American who has lived in Phuket, Thailand, since December 2004.  I have taught English here for most of that time.

I have many interests which include reading (mystery fiction, local history, biography, travel — as long as it’s well-written); writing (for my blogs, for my students, for myself); photography (particularly local festivals and architecture); and collecting postcards and stamps.

I began collecting stamps sometime before I turned ten years old (I was born in December 1965) at which time I was given my mother’s old worldwide collection.  I stopped collecting sometime in my mid-30’s but resumed it not long after making the move to Asia.  I have many collecting interests including the Classics on up to the Present Day.  I have dabbled in collecting A Stamp From Everywhere (daunting) and love New Issues as well. I present myself on release day for each of Thailand’s stamps.  Luckily, there aren’t that many of them in any given year.

You can read about these, and other, interests on my various blogs:

Asian Meanderings is somewhat of a hodgepodge, including a bit of everything I feel like sharing about my life as an expat in Thailand and, well, anything else I find interesting enough to write about;

Postcards To Phuket is only about postcards, either those I’ve purchased on my travels or those I’ve received through the mail from family, friends, and strangers through sources such as;

A Stamp A Day debuted in July 2016 as I wanted to explore the subject matter of the stamps in my collection by writing about a single stamp each and every day for as long as I felt up to it.  That turned out to be 1,001 days in a row.  I only add to it once in a great while these days.

Philatelic Pursuits is more about the mechanics of the hobby, providing information as I discover it from wide-ranging sources and the joys of adding to a collection.  At the moment, the site focuses on those stamps due to be released throughout the world in the current year of 2020 as I attempt to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Please feel free to comment on anything you find interesting or if you have something you’d like to add to my admittedly limited knowledge.  Comments truly are the lifeblood of any blog and I hope that you will feel welcome in contributing your thoughts and observations.

Happy Collecting!

A few notes on the terminology I use in posts:

I refer to the countries, territories, organizations, agencies, local posts, etc. that release stamps under a several broad terms:  stamp issuersstamp-issuing entities or, simply, entities.

Individual entities in an article about them may use other descriptive terms based on their governmental (or otherwise) structure.

In the face of so many postal authorities referring to small sheets differently (miniature or mini-sheetssheetletsor souvenir sheets), I have adopted the following editorial policy:

  • Unless the sheet is designed where the background or borders constitute a significant part of the design and is obviously meant to be kept intact, I will call it a full sheet  or just a sheet and give the number of stamps included (i.e., a full sheet of 10).
  • A sheet designed to be kept intact (it constitutes a complete design: the whole is the sum of the parts), I shall call it a miniature sheet or mini-sheet if it contains more than one stamp and a souvenir sheet if there is a single stamp in the design, whether or not that stamp is perforated.
  • A sheet of stamps on which the actual postage stamps are some set design but the purchaser is able to add their own photos for the “labels” attached and/or the background, sheet margins, etc. will be referred to as a personalized sheet.  This term applies when the custom artwork surrounding the actual stamps is applied by a stamp-issuing entity.  Examples of this include the annual Chinese New Year releases by the New York office of the United Nations and the 2019 commemorative by Thailand marking the visit of Pope Francis.  While the images surrounding the postage stamps may be different, these include previously-released stamp designs.
  • Of course, it is in my prerogative to alter and adjust my usages of terminology as necessary based on certain factors (“senior moments” as I age probably being the most prevalent).