February turned out to be one of my busiest months in recent years as far as work was concerned.  I teach English in a huge (7,000+ students) school in southern Thailand and due to the ongoing pandemic situation here, we are still teaching online.  The end of the school year was moved up by more than a month and as a result our regular final assessments were due with little advanced warning (we normally can spread the paperwork out over several weeks rather than just a few days). In addition, we had to create both online final exams (for the many who cannot risk taking the tests at school) and paper exams (for those who cannot get online for one reason or another). It was a busy month in other ways as well and I simply did not have any time to devote to Philatelic Pursuits for much of it.

This first week of March was devoted to revision for the exams and those tests will be conducted during the upcoming week.  There will be a period of marking and the scramble to make sure all of the scores are accurate and that every student has passed (no student is allowed to fail any course in Thailand).

However, the end is in sight.

With the lightening of work, I am already plunging into completing the compilation of stamps released in February.  I began this work towards the beginning of last month before having to set it aside.  There were quite a few unexpected stamp issues (such as those marking the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) in addition to the usual Lunar New Year stamps and those commemorating the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing not to mention many, many more.  Once I find out about a new stamp release, sometimes it can be difficult to find decent images (or any at all!) of the designs in question. Other postal administrations are very forthcoming with providing extremely high-quality scans of the stamps.  It is a labor of love but very time-consuming.

I estimate that I have have the February illustrated list finished by mid-March.  I plan to work on the March article concurrently as I have already received quite a few images of this month’s new stamp issues.  Hopefully, I can stay on top of things during the two (or, possibly, three) month holiday.  I also plan to compile a few topical lists and get back on track with a few monthly country articles (in which I include images of additional items such as first day covers and maximum cards).  Time will tell….

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