Stamps of 2022

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger

Following quite a few months away from Philatelic Pursuits, I am finally preparing for 2022.  Once again, I will focus on the New Issues of the year but with some modifications…

In 2020 and 2021, this site set out to report on as many new stamp issues as was possible including full schedules and illustrations for a large number of different stamp-issuing entities. For 2022, I plan  to concentrate on just a select few areas including just three or four topicals that interest me. I will no longer strive for completeness as far as stamp images are concerned. If I particular stamp doesn’t interest me in terms of subject matter or design, I probably will not include it in a stand-alone article.

I have decided to try and complete a few additional checklists including those covering 2021 Europa stamps (Italy finally released its entry just last month), the Tokyo Olympics (quite a few additional stamps have appeared during my lengthy hiatus), and the many COVID-19 related issues that I have had a love-hate relationship with since March 2020. I will also make an attempt to complete the 2021 schedule pages.  I do plan to track all of the 2022 issues in similar pages which are linked below.  Rather than writing about many of these stamps, I will instead attempt to provide links to the postal administration announcements or other sites detailing the issues.

Thank you once again for your continued interest in this site.  I would also like to invite you to join The Stamps Of 2022 Facebook Group if you are not yet a member.  Most of the posts from Philatelic Pursuits are linked there and there is also unique content provided by our members.

Mark Joseph Jochim
Phuket Town, Thailand
8 December 2021