Release Date:  16 May 2021


Issue Date: 16 May 2021
Designer: Smain Karaoui and Mohamed Guettouche
Sheet Composition: 50 stamps
Stamp Size: 35 x 35 mm
Printing Method: Offset lithography

Design #1: 25 dinar Blackberry





Design #2: 50 dinar Strawberry






First Day Cover





First Day Cover













The genus Fragaria is about twenty species.

The Strawberry is a perennial plant, cultivated for its fruit spread by stolons, its perennial character allows it to survive over several years, although currently the trend is annual or biennial production.

The vegetative cycle lasts 300 days. Compared to many vegetables, strawberry is a relatively

Recent. Some historical data show us that the wood strawberry was already cultivated around the nineteenth century in Africa and America, it was introduced to Algeria in 1905 by the Italians at the level of Skikda, cultivated on the hills of the Stora area, it was nicknamed RUSSICADA in 1994.

Production in Algeria represents: 309,889 Qx (Underground).

137 950 Qx (Full Field).

Potential areas of production: distributed mainly at the level of wilayas in the north of the country (Jijel- Tipaza- Algiers- Boumerdes- Blida- Mostaganem and Skikda).

The most cultivated varieties in Algeria: Tioga, douglas, Chandler, Camarosa,

Selva, Tudla, Russicada, Condonga.


Raspberries or Blackberries (Rubus): An edible fruit produced by a number of plant species of the genus Mûres, of the pink family. The difference between raspberries and blackberries is that raspberries are a large tree without thorns and blackberries are a thorny shrub climbing and measuring up to two (02) meters high.

Botanical description

It is a wild and thorny bush plant with an elongated stem, a branch drooping up to a height of two meters, its leaves are oval-shaped, combined with white flowers and compound red and black fruits that grow around rivers.

Medicinal benefits

Its fruits are eaten and its leaves are used in traditional medicine treatments, such as astringent, purifier and juicy bites are used for pain of wounds. Gargarism is also useful in the treatment of oral diseases.

Common species: red blackberries, black blackberries and American blackberries.





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