Postal History (Series V)

Release Date:  05 May 2021




Issue Date: 05 May 2021
Stamp Design: Barnabas Baticz
Sheet Composition: 
Stamp Size: 26 x 33 mm
Printing Method: Offset lithography
Perforation: Die-cut
Printer: Patria Printing Company Ltd.

Design #1: Belföld Electric Bicycle, 2019
















































































Design #2: Belföld elsőbbségi Three-wheeled Delivery Cart, 2018

















































































Design #3: Belföld ajánlot Illuminated Sign, 1993


















































































Design #4: Európába 19T Truck, 2019



















































































Design #5: Európán kívülre Postbox, 2004




















































































Right Margin Stamps #1

















































































Right Margin Stamps #2


















































































Right Margin Stamps #3



















































































Right Margin Stamps #4




















































































Right Margin Stamps #5





















































































First Day Cover






















































































First Day Cancellation


























































































Magyar Posta will continue to issue a series of postage stamps, which started in 2017, with five denominations without a value mark in 2021. The new elements of the series were designed by the graphic artist Barnabás Baticz at the Patria Printing House, in number of copies according to traffic requirements. It can be purchased at Filaposta, philatelic services, some post offices, and from

The year-on-year stamps of the series of traffic stamps entitled Post History show specific or special objects and work equipment related to the postal service. The stamps are already traditionally made in self-adhesive versions in order to make them easier and faster to use.

After the regime change, objects and tools were displayed in the series, even today. Namely: Electric-assisted bicycle, 2019 (Domestic), Electric three-wheel delivery vehicle, 2018 (Domestic priority), Postal lighting board, 1993 (Domestic recommended), Lorry (19t), 2019 (to Europe), Letterbox, 2004 (outside Europe).

The first day envelope shows a stylized drawing of a well-known mailbox and a post office horn in the stamp.



 Magyar Posta


Magyar Posta



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