Pollinating Insects

Release Date:  05 May 2021




Issue Date: 05 May 2021
Stamp Design: Berta Agnes
Sheet Composition: souvenir sheet, imperforate souvenir sheet
Sheet Size: 90 x 75 mm
Printing Method: Offset lithography
Printer: ANY Security Printing Company Nyrt.
Quantity: 4,000 souvenir sheets

Imperforate Souvenir Sheet (red serial number)

















































































First Day Cover


























































































The Hungarian Post Office emits a souvenir sheet showing the world and diversity of pollinator insects. The basic version of the publication, designed by the graphic artist Agnes Berta, was produced by ANY Security Printing Works with 50,000 copies and the imperforate version with a red serial number. The sheet will be released on 5 May 2021.

From the date of publication it can be purchased at the first day’s post office and Filapost, as well as from the Hungarian Post Office’s online store.

Most of the plants on which we live need pollinators, suitable crop and seed formation. Pollinators therefore play a vital role in our lives. Unfortunately, due to kemized agriculture, the loss of living space and climate change, their numbers have unfortunately decreased dramatically in recent decades.

The thumbnail of the stamp block shows a ground bumblebee resting on a serpent’s plant. On the frame drawing of the stamp block, above the stamp, you can see a duck-tailed slum, which, like hummingbirds, is squawking and can often be seen floating in front of the flowers in one place. To the right of the thumbnail, the wedge-stained reverb fly is displayed. This yellow-black-banded insect is often mixed with wasps, but after more close observation it can be seen that it has only a few wings and its tentacles are shorter. To the right is one of our most beautiful tarkaleps, the daytime peacock eye, and down there is the wolf apple moth. At the bottom of the image, from left to right, three bees appear: a cubic womb, a western honey bee, also known as a honey bee, and a representative of the tailor’s bees.

On the first day envelope is a flower garden full of trees and insects, and in the stamp you can see a bee during pollination.



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