Postal Palace 114th Anniversary

Release Date:  17 February 2021




Issue Date: 17 February 2021
Stamp Design: Vivek Luis Martínez Avín
Sheet Composition: 25 stamps
Stamp Size: 40 x 48 mm
Printing Method: Offset lithography
Perforation: rouletted
Paper: Matte white couché, self-adhesive 110 g/m²
Printer: Telleres de impresión de Estampillas y Valores (TIEV)
Quantity: 100,000 stamps

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Front view of the central stairs at the Postal Palace in Mexico City, photographed by Diego Delso on 16 October 2013.

The Palacio de Correos de México (Postal Palace of Mexico City) also known as the “Correo Mayor” (Main Post Office) is located in the historic center of Mexico City, on the Eje Central (Lazaro Cardenas) near the Palacio de Bellas Artes. It was built in 1907, when the Post Office here became a separate government entity. Its design and construction was the most modern of the time, including a very eclectic style mixing several different traditions mainly Neo-Plateresque into a very complex design. In the 1950s, the building was modified in a way that caused stress and damage, so when the 1985 earthquake struck Mexico City, this building was heavily damaged. In the 1990s, restoration work has brought the building back to original construction and appearance.

For more information and photos of the Postal Palace, please see  my article on last year’s Postal Palace stamp.




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