Civic Values 2021:

Inclusive Sport and Eradicating Child Poverty

Release Date:  17 May 2021




Issue Date: 17 May 2021
Sheet Composition: 50 stamps
Stamp Size: 35 x 24.5 mm (horizontal)
Printing Method: Multi-color offset lithography
Printer: RCM-FNMT
Quantity: unlimited

Design #1: Tarifa B Inclusive Sport



































































Design #1: Tarifa C Eradicate Child Poverty




































































First Day Cancellation #1







































































First Day Cancellation #2









































































Inclusive sport encourages the sport of people with disabilities as a tool for their social integration.

In addition to being a beneficial activity for health, it helps to balance the differences between people, allowing total inclusion in different social environments.

It also encourages the joint practice of people with or without disabilities, adjusting to the possibilities of those who practice them. The objective of the sporting specialty that is carried out is maintained by adapting the rules and materials in order to encourage the involvement of all participants.

Beyond the purely sporting, inclusive sport brings numerous benefits at the level of awareness, knowledge and respect for difference.

People have different abilities and they all add up. In any sports team, players bring their different skills and attitudes to the game and that’s what inclusive sport is all about.

The label, within the Civic Values series, collects an illustration where you can see people with different abilities, practicing sports such as basketball, tennis or archery.

The color-filled seal perfectly reflects how inclusive sport advocates driving change in society where disability is part of the plurality of capabilities.

The objective of inclusion is to avoid segregation without forgetting the individual needs of each one.

The practice of physical and sporting activity among persons with disabilities must be facilitated and promoted by establishing strategies, measures, programmes and projects that minimize the difficulties of access to the practice of them, adapting them in such a way as to stimulate their inclusion in their reference social environment.

All of this seeks equal opportunities and also the awareness of society.


A drawing of two boys where the only feature of his face is a smile, he stars in a stamp that has a lot to say. That smile is the goal of the fight against child poverty. No child should lack a smile, and above all, no child should be short of a roof, food and education.

The label also features the logo of the High Commissioner Against Child Poverty.

All children and young people should have access to the same opportunities for the future, regardless of their place or birth environment.

The risk rate of poverty and exclusion affects 28.3% of children in Spain, or 2.2 million. This trend, if not slowed down, will affect future generations very negatively.

According to estimates, the poverty rate in 2030 will be 26.5%, a percentage that remains unacceptable. More than a quarter of children in Spain will continue to grow up in a poverty environment in the next decade. Most of these children inherit this situation from their parents, and they, if they do not act to avoid it, bequeath it to their children.

Breaking this cycle of child poverty requires changing the perception, structures and policies affecting children in poverty in Spain. Institutions must ensure that all children grow up in a healthy environment and protect them from inequalities.

Also, society must promote the empowerment of children and young people alike, so that all of them can become and achieve what they set out to do, without differences and without complexes of origin.

It is important to highlight the serious consequences of this situation of poverty: difficulty in learning, paralysis of development, malnutrition, serious health problems, recession of economic growth, social exclusion, increased inequality or lack of opportunities.


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