Touring Club Switzerland 125th Anniversary

Release Date:  06 May 2021



Issue Date: 6 May 2021
Designer: Vito Noto, Lugano
Sheet Composition: 16 stamps
Stamp Size: Diamond-shaped side length 34 mm
Printing Method: Offset Lithography
Perforation: 13¼

Sheet of 16 Stamps









































First Day Cover











































125 Years Touring Club Switzerland (TCS)


The Touring Club Switzerland is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2021. The special stamp created to mark the occasion is adorned with various extraordinary features related to road safety. Founded in Geneva in 1896 by 205 cycling enthusiasts, the TCS is now Switzerland’s biggest mobility club, with 1.5 million members, 23 sections and 1,700 employees. As well as providing services, advice, insurance and product recommendations for its members, the club also supports Switzerland’s best interests by promoting safe and sustainable mobility – whether by foot, bicycle, motorbike, car, public transport or future forms of mobility. The stamp’s special shape depicts a road with a luminous yellow pedestrian crossing in the middle, all in perspective. The postage amount, shown in an upright position, represents protective railings. Even the stamp’s colour scheme symbolizes the theme of safety – it is based on the vests children wear on the way to school, with the background printed in silver to match. All of these features make the TCS’s special stamp a true homage to the topic of safety.





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