EUROPA 2021 – Endangered National Wildlife

Release Date:  06 May 2021


Issue Date: 6 May 2021
Designer: Nina Schwartz, Bern
Sheet Composition: 16 stamps
Stamp Size: 40 x 32.5 mm
Printing Method: Offset Lithography
Perforation: 12

Design #1: CHF 1.00 Woodland Brown Butterfly (Lopinga achine)






































Design #2: CHF 1.00 Scarce Large Blue Butterfly (Phengaris teleius)






































Special Sheet of 8







































First Day Cover









































EUROPA Endangered National Wildlife


The woodland brown and the scarce large blue – two butterflies that could hardly be more different. But they do have one thing in common: both are classified as endangered species in Switzerland. The topic selected by PostEurop for this year’s EUROPA stamps is “Endangered national wildlife.” Switzerland’s contribution was produced by the highly dedicated scientific illustrator Nina Schwarz from Bern. The designs are of the woodland brown (Lopinga achine) and the scarce large blue (Phengaris teleius) – because insects are also classified as wild animals. The illustrations seek to highlight the delicate nature of these animals through a highly detailed and lifelike style. The meticulous presentation and vibrant background colours aim to catch the eye and emphasize the fact that the animals are under threat. Pro Natura provided invaluable expert advice during the creative process.





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Swiss Post



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