Bike Paths of Taiwan

Release Date:  05 May 2021


Issue Date: 5 May 2021
Stamp Name: Sp.707 Bike Paths of Taiwan Postage Stamps
Designer: Highlight Creative Co., Ltd.
Sheet Composition: 20 stamps (4 x 5) each design
Stamp Size: 50 × 30 mm
Printing Method: Offset
Paper: Phosphorescent stamp paper
Perforation: 13 × 12½
Print Quantity: 600,000 stamps each design
Printer: China Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Design #1: NT$8 Sun Moon Lake Bikeway, Nantou

































Design #2: NT$8 Yufu Bikeway, Hualien


































Design #3: NT$15  Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path, Taitung



































Design #4: NT$28  Tanya Shen Green Bikeway, Taichung




































Sheet of 20 #1



































Sheet of 20 #2




































Sheet of 20 #3





































Sheet of 20 #4







































Sp.707 Bike Paths of Taiwan Postage Stamps (Issue of 2021)

To promote exercise among the nation’s people and to encourage domestic tourism, Chunghwa Post has followed up on 2013’s “Bike Paths of Taiwan” release with a new set of four stamps: Nantou’s Sun Moon Lake Bikeway, Hualien’s Yufu Bikeway, Taitung’s Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path and Taichung’s Tanya Shen Green Bikeway. Descriptions of the stamps follow:

1. Nantou’s Sun Moon Lake Bikeway (NT$8): Once touted as one of the world’s top 10 bike routes by an international media, it provides enchanting views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The beautiful Yongjie and Tongxin bridges (the names of which together comprise a phrase used to congratulate newlyweds) were created exclusively for the use of cyclists and pedestrians. They have become famous international attractions, visited by international and domestic tourists alike.

2. Hualien’s Yufu Bikeway (NT$8): It is unique for its unusual location where the Eurasian Continental Plate presses up against the Philippine Sea Plate, providing an ideal classroom for the study of plate tectonics. Built over the bed of the old east coast railway line, it is quite level, offering an excellent easy-riding choice for families.

3. Taitung’s Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path (NT$15): The path makes for easy and comfortable riding, offering expansive views onto Guanshan’s countryside. While biking along it, cyclists may stop at the Sun Moon Viewing Pavilion to take in panoramic view of the town and enjoy the laid-back and carefree atmosphere of farming villages.

4. Taichung’s Tanya Shen Green Bikeway (NT$28): Built on an old railway bed, the bikeway offers views of verdant countryside. It makes for a refreshing trip well suited for families to enjoy together.

(1) First Day Cover (162 mm × 114 mm): NT$2 apiece
(2) Folder (with or without mount): NT$5 apiece
(3) Loose-leaf album page: NT$8 apiece
(4) Pre-cancelled FDC affixed with one NT$8-denominated stamp: NT$10 apiece
(5) Pre-cancelled FDC affixed with a full set of stamps: NT$61 apiece

To purchase the relative philatelic products, please go directly to the post office branches, Postal Museum or order on line at https://stamp.post.gov.tw.

Photos © Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration and East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC; Taichung Travel Net/the website of Taichung City Government Tourism and Travel Bureau. All rights reserved.

Over the past twenty years Taiwan has become a major destination for bicycle tourists (as well as the go-to spot for expats looking to live someplace offering second-to-none cycling). A big part of this is due to the sheer variety of cycling experiences offered by our fair island. From hardcore climbs and descents to long, winding coastal roads to gorgeous paths stretching through valleys, Taiwan’s got enough road variety to make getting bored nearly impossible.

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway, Nantou

Surrounded by mountains, Sun Moon Lake’s hazy early mornings and beautiful afternoon sunsets have always attracted travelers from near and far. Not only can you enjoy visiting the lake by boat, you can also bike around the lake to enjoy the views. The bikeway terrain along the lake rises and falls and can be challenging at times, but is suitable to those of you who like a little challenge. On the other hand, those who like a more leisure pace may choose to ride on the short distance bike lane. Known for the high and low rolling hills, every bike lane in Puli Township is a personal challenge. The windy road and views of the rolling mountain compete for attention. You might even hike up to Mt. Jinlong to enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

If you want to experience the small town lifestyle or savor the fun in chasing after the little train, you may want to choose the Jiji Green Tunnel and Shuili Shui’an Bikeway. These bikeways provide natural shades, lakeside views, and you can even hear the whistling sounds of the little train. These experiences will definitely add unexpected memory to your bike tour. Those of you who like to enjoy the scenery while biking must not miss the chance to explore the wonderful things in the Sun Moon Lake area!

The Sun Moon Lake Bikeway was selected by CNNgo, the online streaming platform of CNN, as the world’s top 10 most beautiful bikeways. Biking along beautiful scenery, tasting delicious Ita Thao indigenous cuisine, enjoying beautiful sceneries from morning and evening are all great reasons for embarking on the Sun Moon Lake bike tour.

Yufu Bikeway, Hualien

Roughly 10-kilometers long, the Yufu Bikeway (玉富自行車道) is the only cycle path in the world that crosses two tectonic plates. The bikeway starts at Yuli and ends at Fuli’s Dongli Bicycle Station, offering expansive views along the route with endless rural scenes on either side. Feel the thrill of cycling across the fault line when crossing the Xiuguluan Bridge! The bikeway follows the route of the former railway between Yuli Railway Station and Antong Railway Station. The railway had to be relocated because the ground was rising by two to three centimeters annually due to the Eurasian Plate and the Philippines Sea Plate pressing together. The former railway was then transformed into the bikeway to create what is probably the world’s only bikeway that is getting higher as time goes by. Due to the gentle gradients and pleasant scenery, the Yufu Bikeway is well-suited for family rides. Different scenery can be enjoyed along the route in the four seasons.

Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path, Taitung

The Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path was the first path in Taiwan to be built especially for cyclists. It is 15.2 kilometers long, and is divided into two sections, namely the “Water Section” and “Mountain Section”. The starting point at the “Water Section” encircles the water park, following the clear, shallow Guanshan Canal and Hongshih River. Along the way, one can see wide, extensive water paddies, which take on different appearances during different seasons. Depending on whichever season it happens to be, you can see the recently planted, soft, green rice seedlings, or waves of rice plants being blown by the wind, or rice plants that are full of grain hanging down, or a golden sea of rapeseed flowers. All these scenes allow one to experience the countryside scenery of Guanshan’s four different seasons.

After the bicycle path leaves the Hongshih River, it enters the “Mountain Section”. With the gradual increase in elevation, the bicycle path starts to experience a gentle up-slope. At the highest part of the bicycle path is a “Sun Moon Viewing Pavilion” which was placed there by the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration. From here, one can see a panoramic view of the township scenery, including the crisscrossing rice paddies and intricate irrigation canals, interweaving to make a simple but exquisite picture. After passing the Sun Moon Viewing Pavilion, the path gradually descends to the flat land, and soon returns to the starting point.

Because the “Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path” has already become Guanshan Township’s nationally famous trademark activity, many tourist coaches can be seen parked outside the Guanshan Water Park during the peak tourist season. The many bicycle rental places provide tourists with a wide selection of bicycles. Along the bicycle path, one can find many small recreation stops, such as a strawberry field, a vanilla field, and a bamboo art stand. A very exciting, miniature racetrack and a shooting area can also be seen. This large variety of choices makes the Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path an unforgettable tourist activity.

Tanya Shen Green Bikeway, Taichung

The Tanya Shen Green Bikeway (潭雅神綠園道) is a 14km bikeway that goes along the old Shengang military branch line of Taiwan Railways in Taichung. It stretches from near Tanzi station, via lush and peaceful countryside and small town scenery, to the Central Taiwan Science Park in the town of Daya.

It was the second bicycle path that was established, right after the Dong Shi, Fengyuan bicycle path. It was activated on 2 May 2004. Starting from Zhong Yi Village of Daya District, it goes through Daya District, Shen Gang District, and ends at the central hinterland. It is approximately 14 kilometers in length. The road is slightly sloped, which is suitable for outdoor bike riding for parents and children. Along the path, there are different plants that exhibit the scenes of the four seasons and the features of the towns. It is definitely a soothing experience.

The easiest way to start the Tanya Shen Green Bikeway is to take a local train from Taichung Station to Tanzi (14 minutes, NT$15). There is then a YouBike station down the road, besides the library across from Tanzi Station. Head north up the main road for a few minutes and you’ll eventually reach the big blue bicycle statue indicating the start point. Once you reach the end at the Central Taiwan Science Park, drop off your bike at one of the YouBike stations around here. Finally, take a bus back into central Taichung (40 minutes, free).



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