Greetings, faithful readers of Philatelic Pursuits!

First, I want to apologize for the reduction in New Issues articles throughout the first four months of 2021. My original intention, back in October of 2019, was to ONLY cover the issues of 2020. Who knew the year would involve a global pandemic thus spawning a new, and extremely popular topical? Last year, my position at work also allowed much more free time to work on this site than in 2021. I had planned to move on to other things this year as far as the site was concerned.

Due partly to the numbers of people discovering the hobby of Stamp Collecting for the first time and others returning after a large absence, there has been a huge surge in all aspects of Philately. Demand for information about New Issues seems to be at an all-time high and I constantly receive queries about when I plan to feature the stamps of such-and-such country.

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