Stamps of 1899

Release Date:  06 March 2021





Release date: 06.03.2021
Printer: n/a
Printing method: Offset lithography
Designer: Anita Kern
Print run: unknown
Denomination:  € 0.85, € 2.35
Sheet Size:  miniature sheet of 2 stamps
Size: Stamps – 32 x 40 mm; Miniature sheet – 80 x 60 mm


Stamps of 1899



A New Currency

In the new series “Stamps of the Monarchy” the first values are presented those stamps that were first issued in 1899 as a result of the currency changeover with heller and krone values.

In 1892, the currency in Austria-Hungary was changed from silver-covered guilders to crowns as gold currency. 1 guilder therefore corresponded to 2 crowns, correspondingly 1 kreuzer became 2 hellers. From 1 January 1900, only crowns and heller were be in use. This also necessitated new stamps, which were issued on 1 December 1899 and were valid until 31 October 1908. The old guilder and kreuzer values could still be used until the end of September 1900 – mixed frankings between the two currencies were common. With the introduction of heller and krone stamps, postal charges were also increased. For example, the tariff for a postcard was increased from 2 kreuzer to 5 heller, which led to changes in the value levels of the new stamps.

With the portrait of the emperor in an oval or octagonal frame, the 1899 stamps essentially look like the last guilder and kreuzer values. In the case of crown marks, as before, the head of the emperor has turned to the right, with the heller marks to the left. The values 1, 2 and 4 kroner were printed in gravure, the bright marks with the black value impressions were produced in two printing processes. Fibre paper was used without watermarks and without paint strips.







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