This is a very quick post as I have been cooped-up inside all day during this Makha Bucha holiday and I need to venture out and buy some food.

I spent much of the evening adding stamps into Big Blue (my Scott International Stamp Album, Part I) from Canada to Chile and a few places in between, including my copy of Canada #158, the famed “Bluenose” of 1928. You can read all about the original on my “Daily Phuket” article at Asian Meanderings.

I knew I had received a cover or two featuring later portrayals of the “Bluenose” and went to my scans folder for “Canada Covers”. I do, indeed, have two. Neither are very pretty but both contain multiple copies of Canada #913. This stamp-on-stamp design was issued on 20 May 1982 for the International Philatelic Youth Exhibition held in Toronto, Ontario, as the 60-cent high value in a set of five sheet stamps depicting classic Canadian stamps.  A nice miniature sheet was also issued at the same time (Scott #913a). 

The cover I chose to feature today bears a block of four of Scott #913 but received an ugly pen cancellation. It’s a “Z” so perhaps Zorro himself is the culprit. It arrived in Phuket on 31 October 2015. My second cover with copies of this stamp (ironically from the same sender, received on 14 August 2017) has no cancellation at all, begging the question: “Which is better — pen cancellation or uncancelled?” 

Something to ponder until tomorrow….

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