Satellite Meteorology

Release Date:  25 March 2021


ARTIST:Peter Bergström
DESIGN:Julia Perander/Strax
DATE OF ISSUE:25.03.2021
EDITION:80 000
SIZE OF STAMPS:35 x 34.5 mm
SIZE OF SHEET:2x 15 stamps
PERFORATION:13 per 2 cm
PRINTING METHOD:4-colour offset
PRINTING HOUSE:Southern Colour Print

Full Sheet of 30 Stamps












First Day Cover (front)















First Day Cover (rear)

















Since 2011, the American Suomi NPP weather satellite monitors the Earth’s cloud cover, oceans, ice sheets, vegetation and the heat radiation from the Earth’s atmosphere. Named after Åland descendant and weather pioneer Verner E. Suomi (1915–1995), the satellite circles the Earth in a polar orbit. Suomi was one of the first scientists to understand the importance of weather satellites for weather forecasts. His Finnish-Alandic parents emigrated to Minnesota in the USA in 1902. PLEASE NOTE! DELIVERY AFTER DATE OF ISSUE

On 25 March, Åland Post issues a stamp featuring the Suomi NPP weather satellite, named after Åland descendant Verner E. Suomi. Also known as ”the father of satellite meteorology”, Suomi contributed to laying the foundations for today’s weather satellites, essential for providing weather forecasts. Åland illustrator Peter Bergström has designed the stamp.

Verner E. Suomi (1915–1995) was among the earliest to understand the importance of satellites for weather observations. His parents Johan Suomi, born in Kustavi in the archipelago of Åboland, and Anna Matilda Sundqvist from Pettböle, Finström, emigrated from Åland to the USA in 1902. Verner grew up in Eveleth, Minnesota, as the second youngest of seven siblings.

Launched in 1959, the Explorer VII Satellite carried Suomi’s first instrument, a flat plate radiometer that measured the Earth’s heat balance from space for the first time. It was discovered that clouds play an important role in the Earth’s energy budget and that the Earth absorbs more radiated solar energy than was previously recognized. Suomi’s most important invention is probably a camera that was added to the ATS-1 Satellite launched in 1966. Its geosynchronous orbit enabled scientists to observe the formation of weather systems without interruptions. Until then, all we had seen were interesting snapshots from space but, with Suomi’s ”Spin-Scan Cloud Camera”, scientists could monitor air motion, cloud height and rainfall among other phenomena.

Since 2011, the American weather satellite Suomi NPP on the stamp monitors the Earth’s cloud cover, oceans, ice sheets, vegetation, and the heat radiation from the Earth’s atmosphere. The Suomi NPP is a polar orbiting satellite and is one of several satellites providing data for weather forecasts in Finland.

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The first day cancel portrays Verner E. Suomi (1915–1955), widely recognized as “the father of satellite meteorology”. The FDC shows the orbit, altitude and revolutions per day of the American Suomi NPP satellite. PLEASE NOTE! DELIVERY AFTER DATE OF ISSUE Last day of sale 31 May 2021. FDC Artist: Peter Bergström




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