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29 December 2020

World’s Tallest Tropical Tree

Malaysia: World’s Tallest Tropical Tree, 29 December 2020. Images from POS Malaysia, unless otherwise noted.

Technical Specifications:

Date of issue: 29.12.2020
Place of issue: Kuala Lumpur
Designer: Mr KY Lim, Reign Associates
Colors: Multicolor
Sheet Format: Panes of 10, Souvenir Sheet
Printing: Offset lithography
Denominations: 90 sen, RM8

The World’s Tallest Tropical Tree features the Yellow Meranti tree, found in the Danum Valley, Sabah. Measuring over 100.8 metres tall, and weighing around 81,500kg, the Menara (Malay for Tower) is known as the tallest tropical tree in the entire world.

From MYFDC, posted on 28 December 2020:

The next issue is the world’s tallest tropical tree, the Meranti called Menara found in the Danum Valley in Lahad Datu, Sabah. As we already know this issue will comprise of:

  1. Single 90 sen stamp featuring the Shorea faguetiana winged seed in a sheetlet of 10 (buah seraya kuning siput)
  2. RM 8 Miniature Sheet (vertical to feature to full splendour of the tree)
  3. 50 sen blank oversized envelope
  4. RM 1 Postcard
  5. RM 6 empty folder (opens vertically)
  6. Folder set

Here are some interesting things to note on this issue!

  1. The envelopes are LARGER than usual because the MS is tall and wider in order to keep the perspective.
  2. The envelop is VERTICAL too and opens at the top just like our large SODA deliveries.
  3. The folder also opens up VERTICALLY to reveal the Meranti’s full height! The folder is folded in 3 parts.
  4. You can easily make a composite FDC with both the stamp and MS on cover.

90 sen Stamp:

Image from Colnect.

Full Sheet of 10 Stamps:

Souvenir Sheet:

Article from Borneo Post Online, published on 30 December 2020:

Stamps feature world’s tropical tallest tree in Danum Valley

KOTA KINABALU: Pos Malaysia has unveiled its newest stamp collection entitled ‘The World’s Tallest Tropical Tree’.

This collection is available for purchase on Pos Malaysia’s online shop at www.pos.com.my and 13 General Post Offices nationwide.

The world’s tallest tropical tree which measures 100.8 meters tall and weighs an estimated 81,500 kilograms is a Yellow Meranti or scientifically known as Shorea faguetiana. The tree can be found in the mixed dipterocarp forest of Danum Valley, Sabah.

This stamp collection is crafted around the illustration of the tree and its elements.

To add excitement to this special issuance, the Miniature Sheet (MS) stamp is designed in a special size, making it the largest stamp ever produced by Pos Malaysia measuring 180mm x 35mm, featuring the world’s tallest tropical tree. This MS is brought to life with a special embossed effect on the trunk all the way up to the canopy which is priced at RM8.00.

The Shorea faguetiana tree produces winged fruits that spin like a helicopter when falling to the ground.

The fruit is featured on stamps available for purchase with 90 sen denominations. The quantity of stamps produced for this issue is 250,000 pieces.

Pos Malaysia Berhad’s Group Head of Channel Management & Customer Experience Azmil Othman Merican said, “Pos Malaysia is proud to highlight the world’s tallest tropical tree via this stamp issuance.”

This tree is testament to the importance of preservation efforts as it was found in Danum Valley, a conservation area where logging is prohibited and where the trees are protected. We hope that this effort will serve as an educational tool for our young stamp collectors nationwide on Malaysia’s natural forest reserve and the importance of preservation.

In addition, there are 25,000 copies of First Day Covers (FDC) up for grabs and available for collection at 50 sen each while customers may get both the FDC with MS at just RM8.50 and FDC with stamp at RM1.40.

Stamp collectors can cancel their MS and stamps on the FDC with the cancellation mark featuring the Shorea faguetiana fruit.

This issue also has a postcard featuring the actual photo of the tree worth RM1 per piece. Meanwhile, the folder is on sale for RM6.00 apiece and available in a 1,500 quantity. Those who want to collect the complete set can do so at RM33.90.

On a side note, stamp collectors and the public may sign up for the Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) to experience a hassle-free process in purchasing the latest stamp issues as well as enjoying exclusive benefits offered by SODA. Those interested to be part of the SODA community can do so by signing up at any post offices nationwide or online at www.posonline.com.my.

For further enquiry regarding stamps and other philatelic products, the Stamp and Philately Unit of Pos Malaysia can be reached via telephone at 03-2267 2267 ext. 2000 or e-mail your queries to filateli@pos.com.my.

Special Folder:

First Day Covers:

Photo by On Pang Jin, posted to World Cover Collectors’ Club Facebook group on 30 December 2020.

Photo by S.I. Liew, posted to Malaysia First Day Cover Facebook group on 29 December 2020.

Photo by KY Shum, posted in ‘The Search for the Tallest Tropical Tree in the World!‘ on 29 December 2020.
Photo by KY Shum, posted in ‘The Search for the Tallest Tropical Tree in the World!‘ on 29 December 2020.


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