Stamps of 2021


Listing ALL of the Stamps….

The pages linked below aim to list ALL stamps released in 2021.

The listings are alphabetical by stamp-issuing entity, whether recognized by the Universal Postal Union (the vast majority) or not (such as Abkhazia or Artsakh). Those with blue backgrounds indicate items already released:Listings with red backgrounds indicate releases that are scheduled to be issued at some point in the future.Links highlighted in yellow lead to articles about the stamps published on Philatelic Pursuits. Links in light blue lead to information pages on postal administration websites. Some information about number of stamps in each issue and sheet size is provided, if known.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to include images on these schedule pages due to size constraints. As I update individual Entities pages with the schedules, I will try to include images of the stamps and/or sheets or first day covers.

I plan to update these schedule pages at least once every two weeks as my schedule permits.

Mark Joseph Jochim
Phuket, Thailand
30 April 2021

Schedule pages last updated 29 June 2021