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05 November 2020

Christmas 2020

Spain: Christmas 2020, 5 November 2020. Images from Filatelia Correos and Delcampe.

Technical Specifications:

Printing Procedure: Offset
Paper: Phosphorescent sticker
Stamp size: Rate A: 24.5 x 35 mm; Rate B: 35 x 24.5 mm
Number of stamps in sheet: 50
Quantity: Unlimited (A: 5,000,000; B: 1,000,000)
Postal value of stamps:  Rate A (€0.65 on day of issue for Standard National Chart up to 20 grams); Rate B (€1.45 on day of issue for International-Europe ordinary letter up to 20 grams)



Christmas is one of the most special moments of the year. With the arrival of winter, the cold is stoked, the days are shortened and everything invites us to pick up at home to meet with the old traditions. Each family has its own customs to celebrate Christmas although something is certain that in the houses of the philatelics will not be missing the stamps dedicated to these festivities.

The two stamps issued this year by Correos are specifically related to the Belenes, it was in 1955 when the first stamp dedicated to Christmas appeared where an image of El Greco’s work “La Sagrada Familia” appeared. However, it was from 1959 when theN-series smoothly began to air uninterruptedly.

The first stamp is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Association and Belenistas of Madrid with the representation of a nativity scene made by the Madrid artist José Mayo Lebrija to pay homage to the Association of Belenistas of Madrid for this anniversary. This association was born in 1945 when a group of friends gathered to ride belenes on streets and premises in Madrid to promote this tradition, and today it has more than six hundred partners of different ages. The association is commissioned to design and assemble belenes by both administrations and individuals. The most outstanding project is the assembly of the nativity scene of the Royal Post House, in Puerta del Sol, home of the regional government that the association has been riding for 17 years in which we work practically all year round designing this type of Christmas scenes with a different theme chosen by the association itself. The association has a place on Calle Gobernador number 11 where there is a year-round exhibition with part of the thousand figures that treasure, classic style and valued between 10 and 300 euros.

The second stamp inaugurates a new series dedicated to the scenes of the different Belenes of Spain. For this 2020 the nativity scene of Cudón has been chosen, which is one of the most unique nativity scenes in our country. Its author, Angel Bolado, has created almost a thousand figures, and his will for plausibility has led him to give three hundred of them movement. Its realism and detail is reflected in the image chosen for the stamp. It is a group of men who perform the famous Liébana orujo. The schnapps of this region become the first to be developed in our geography, and its origins date back to the fourteenth century. The distinguishing copper alquitara is used to heat grape skins in a process that can be extended up to twelve hours.

Both stamps pay homage to a love that requires patience, dedication, attention to detail and building a different little universe each year. This hobby has a lot to do with Philatelia that requires those same skills that make every person who collects compose their own world composed of their tastes, hobbies, special moments… This 2021 we look forward to continuing to collect and share unique moments collected on the stamps.

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