26 October 2020

Christmas Seals 2020

Denmark: Christmas Seals 2020, 26 October 2020. Images from Delcampe and Danske julemærker.

The Christmas seal is a Danish invention. In 1903 postal clerk Einar Holbøll (1865-1927) expressed the idea that all packages could be supplied with Christmas seals and the profit dedicated to giving sick children renewed hope. The world’s first Christmas seal was released on 13 December 1904. The motif was a portrait of Queen Louise, the wife of King Christian IX.

The Danish official Christmas seals have been issued annually since 1904 by the Danish Christmas Seal Committee, today known as the Danish Christmas Seal Foundation. HRH Crown Princess Mary is the patroness of The Danish Christmas Seal Foundation.

The 2020 Christmas seals feature “Christmas Together”, by artist Tomas Björnsson.

The Christmas label sheet, which is a Danish map, shows the Christmas brand homes.

2020 is the centenary of South Jutland’s reunification with Denmark in 1920. South Jutland is highlighted by a large brand of gob like a South Jutland coffee table where Dannebrog is placed in a cake, and a loaf of bread is carried with the German flag, perhaps the symbol of the German minority in South Jutland. The reunion tower of Ejer Bavnehøj, inaugurated in 1924, is adorned with a Christmas tree on the viewing platform.

Self-Adhesive Sheet of 46 Christmas Seals:

Motifs on the Christmas label sheet (from top row down):
1st row: Hanstholm lighthouse. Pixie near Skagen with easel and canvas in the process of painting a snowman. Tanghus on Læsø. Bornholm with Hammershus Castle Ruin and Østerlars Rundkirke.
2nd row: Wind farm. Christmas brand home in Hobro.
3rd row: The Christmas tree shows lego bricks symbolizing Legoland. Owner Bavnehøj. Aarhus with houses from The Old Town, Aros with the Rainbow and the Cathedral. The Frigate Jylland. Our Lady’s Church in Kalundborg. The Christmas brand home Kildemose. Kronborg Castle . Copenhagen with the City Hall Tower and the spire of Our Savior Church.
4.row: Fanøpige in folk costume finds bottle mail. Sønderjysk coffee table. The new Little Belt Bridge. H.C. Andersen at his writing desk. Castle(Egeskov maybe). The Great Belt Bridge. Christmas brand home Skælskør. Julemærkehjem Liljeborg.
5th row: The Commander’s Farm on Rømø. Julemærkehjem Fjordmark. Dybbøl Mølle. “Kys Frøen” nature experience centre on Langeland/South Funen Archipelago. Knuthenborg Safari Park on Lolland. Nykøbing Falster water tower. Farø Bridge, the southern high bridge.

Self-Adhesive Booklet of 5 Christmas Seals:

Self-Adhesive Booklet of 10 Christmas Seals:

From New My Royals blog:

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of Christmas Seal 2020

On October 26, 2020, Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of Christmas Seal 2020 at Haraldsborg (Julemærkehjemmet Liljeborg) in Roskilde. Haraldsborg opened in January 2018 and is the newest of a total of five Christmas Seal Homes (Julemærkehjem). Illustrator Tomas Björnsson designed the 2020 Christmas seal.

Julemærkefonden (The Christmas Seal Foundation) is a Danish charity and it operates five so-called Christmas seal homes that provide service for vulnerable children. In order to finance its services, it issues a Christmas seal once a year.

Every year since 1904, the Christmas Stamp Foundation has issued the special Christmas Seal for the purpose of raising money for children residing at one of Denmark’s five Christmas Stamp Homes. At each Christmas Seal Home, 1,000 children can stay and receive help in combating loneliness, bullying, social isolation and obesity. The Crown Princess is patron of The Christmas Seal Foundation.

Due to corona restrictions, the 2020 event was moved from the normal setting at Copenhagen City Hall to the Christmas Seal Home Liljeborg (Julemærkehjemmet Liljeborg) in Roskilde, a city in Denmark, west of Copenhagen.

Mary unveiled this year’s stamp, designed by Danish illustrator Tomas Björnsson who described the honour as “pretty huge” and said he was “pretty proud” to have his work chosen for the stamp, which has been Christmas tradition in Denmark since 1904.

Crown Princess Mary chose a deep plum two-piece outfit, including a belted blouse and wide-leg trousers, for the event, in Roskilde.

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