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02 November 2020

Christmas 2020 — Nativity

Canada: Christmas 2020 – Nativity, 2 November 2020. Images from Canada Post.

Technical Specifications:

Issue Date: November 2, 2020
Stamp Designer: Soapbox Design
Stamp Value: Permanent™ (domestic rate)
Quantity Produced :450,000
Dimensions: 32 mm x 30 mm
Booklet of 12 stamps
Original Price: $11.04
Perforation: Simulated perforation
Printer: Colour Innovations
Printing Process: Lithography in 5 colours
Gum Type: Pressure sensitive
Tagging: General tagging, four sides
Paper: Tullis Russell
First Day Cover Cancellation Location: Sainte-Famille, Quebec

Send Christmas greetings to loved ones with this booklet of 12 Permanent™ domestic rate stamps celebrating the Nativity.

These beautifully illustrated stamps feature Mary, Joseph, an ox and a donkey gazing in adoration at the newborn baby Jesus. Since at least the fourth century, an ox and a donkey have been included in Nativity scenes, signifying that even animals recognized the importance of Jesus’ birth.

Our latest Christmas issue is a heart warming celebration of the Nativity designed by Toronto-based Soapbox Design and illustrated by Sandra Dionisi. Ideal for sending Christmas greetings to loved ones, the stamp captures a tender moment, as Mary and Joseph look lovingly at their newborn son. An ox and donkey, which often appear in depictions of the holy event, add layers of symbolism to the scene.

The two beasts of burden began to appear in artistic interpretations around the fourth century, even though they were not mentioned in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth. It is possible they were added to illustrate Isaiah’s prophecy: “The ox knows his owner, and the donkey his master’s crib.” The pair also embody traits emphasized in Jesus’ teachings: the ox, endurance and sacrifice; the donkey, humility; and both, patience and service. Their presence in crèche scenes became common after St. Francis of Assisi included a live ox and donkey in his re-enactment of the Nativity in the 13th century. They are often shown gazing in adoration at the Christ Child – symbolizing the importance that all living creatures are attached to his birth.

Booklet of 12 Stamps:

First Day Cover:

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