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28 October 2020

Christmas 2020 — Words of Affection

Brazil: Christmas 2020 – Words of Affection, 28 October 2020. Images from Filatelia.

Technical Specifications:

Stamp issue N. 15
Art: Lucas Elias
Print system: offset
Paper: self-adhesive chalky
Sheet with 20 stamps
Face value: 1st class rate for domestic mail
Issue: 1,600,000 stamps (160,000 of each stamp)
Design area: 60 x 27mm
Stamp dimensions: 65 x 32mm
Perforation: cut to shape with “BR”
Date of issue: Oct 28th, 2020
Places of issue: Rio Branco/AC, Manaus/AM, Macapá/AP, Salvador/BA, Brasília/DF, Fortaleza/CE, Domingos  Martins/ES, Goiânia/GO, São Luís/MA, Belo Horizonte/MG, Campo Grande/MS, Cuiabá/MT, João Pessoa/PB, Recife/PE, Teresina/PI, Curitiba/PR, Natal/RN, Porto Velho/RO, Cachoeira do Sul/RS and São José/SC
Printing: Brazilian Mint
English version: Department of Retail/Correios Brasil

Orders can be sent to the following address: Distance Sales Office – Av. Presidente Vargas, 3.077 – 23º andar,
20210-973 – Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil. Telephones 55 21 2503 8095/8096;
Code: 852013183

The artist inspired himself in the act of handwriting a letter and all personal characteristics brought along like
imperfections and a unique style that everyone has, bringing to art craft the representation of a such symbolic act to each one of the words that compose this issue. Thus, it gets to create a deeper connection between the stamp artwork and the person who will choose or receive the letter along the stamp. One of the certainties of the designer had was the choices about the general aesthetics. Instead of searching a precise result with commercial typefaces, he came after textures, handwriting imperfections, just like painted letters and ink, bringing forward more empathy and humanity to the artwork. Letterings hand-sketched then art-finished with graphic computing.

Christmas – Words of Affection

From a distance, to be close. This issue brings forward poetry on stamps, words of affection, that fly far away and reach those who have been in the heart long since. Textures, silhouettes and shapes show what the heart is filled with.

A˙mor (Love)
[by Bê: it is the breath when the air plays hide and seek with us.]
Very personal and universal noun.
1. It is to eat an ice cream and remind someone.
2. It is to find yourself coming back to the ice cream shop everyday

Xê˙ro (Sniff-neck)
[by Bê: when the perfume turns into a touch or a feeling of missing.]
Unhurried noun that has syntactic function onto the neck.
1. It is like feel the Sun which does not burn.
2. It just hugs me.

Cha˙me˙go (Cud˙dle)
[by Bê: It is to embrace with fingertips.]
Emotionally derived noun that links two subjects.
1. It is like a tickle that, in place to make it laugh, it gets the eyes closed in shape of smiles
Fé (Faith)
[by Bê: It is the certainty that does not need a name.]
Abstractly concrete noun.
1. It is having calluses and tight shoes.
2. It is to take off the shoes.
3. It is to see that the bare and callused feet also set their steps on the road.

Gra˙ti˙dão (Grat˙i˙tude)
[by Bê: When the price of “I got it” gives way to the value of other
Magic little word.
1. If, in the end, I forget who have taken my pain away and who watered my flowers, my feet won’t even know which way to take myself back home.

Fe˙li˙ci˙da˙de (Hap˙pi˙ness)
[by Bê: It is crying. It is smile. It is crying. It is laughter. It is smile. It is crying. It is cycle. It is laughter.]
Simple or compound noun − it does not matter −, but fulfilled.
1. It is when someone asks you for the time, close your eyes, forget about clocks and count, in that day, how many smiles there were.

Sau˙da˙de (Miss˙ing)
[by Bê: pain that hurts right here.]
Impolite and bold noun.
1. Rumors that tell that miles that split loves are immensely proportional to the duration of their tremblings.

A˙bra˙ços (Hugs)
[by Bê: It is when the plural form accepts to remove the ending “s”.]
Compound and warm noun.
1. It is to do someone else’s jump countdown and at the “GO!”, also take your feet off the ground.

Sor˙ri˙a (Faith)
[by Bê: It is the certainty that does not need a name.]
Abstractly concrete noun.
1. It is having calluses and tight shoes.
2. It is to take off the shoes.
3. It is to see that the bare and callused feet also set their steps on the road.

A˙xé (life en˙er˙gy)
[by Bê: It is my smile that I share using my very hands.]
Cool interjection that infects everything that pulsates the chest.
1. It is the emanated energy from the heart.
2. It is what I wish for you.
3. It is what you send me back.

Who is Bê? An emancipated childhood nickname of Helena Lucena.
Graduated in Letters, in the University of Brasília.
Poet on Instagram @poesiadabe

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