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Hong Kong

04 December 2020

Christmas Stamps Series IV (Special Stamps)

Hong Kong: Christmas 2020, 4 December 2020. Images from Hong Kong Post.

Technical Specifications:

Design: WONG Chun-hong
Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B.V., the Netherlands
Process: Lithography plus hot foil stamping
Stamp Size: 45 mm × 35 mm
Stamp Layout: Pane of 25 stamps
Self-adhesive Stamp Sheetlet Size: 160 mm × 95 mm
Souvenir Sheet Size: 195 mm × 95 mm
Self-adhesive Souvenir Sheet Size: 195 mm × 90 mm
Perforation: Stamp Sheet & Souvenir Sheet – 13.75 (one elliptical perforation on each vertical)
Paper: Stamp Sheet & Souvenir Sheet – Paper with security fibres; Self-adhesive Stamp Sheetlet & Self-adhesive Souvenir Sheet – Self-adhesive stamp paper with security fibres
Date of Issue: 4 December 2020

Santa Claus has come to town! Following the three issues of Christmas Stamps presented in 2002, 2007 and 2014, Hongkong Post launches the fourth issue with delight this year. A set of four stamps is printed with gold foil stamping, featuring Santa Claus in lively and interesting illustrations who extends his warm regards in this joyous festival by paying a visit to Hong Kong. While touring around hand in hand with his companions, Santa always bears in mind to get an authentic taste of the city, from savoring Chinese tea and dim sum in a traditional tea restaurant to playing on the swings in a children’s playground and practicing Tai Chi on the waterfront of Victoria Harbour, as well as taking a tram ride to deliver presents and seasonal blessings to the people of Hong Kong.

$2 stamp and self-adhesive stamp sheetlet – Santa Claus has come to town! To enjoy his journey the most in this food paradise, Santa sets off with a Chinese-style Christmas feast by savoring the traditional cuisine of yum cha. On the stamp sheetlet, contrary to the ordinary presents and sleigh, Santa is spreading joy by sharing delicious dim sum from the cart.

$3.7 stamp and self-adhesive stamp sheetlet – It is time for the seasonal task after a square meal! Amid his hectic schedules, Santa takes a break and chills out with his reindeer in the playground, recapturing the fun of childhood on the swing and slide. Has it brought back your sweet memories too?

$4.9 stamp and self-adhesive stamp sheetlet – Santa Claus joins a Tai Chi routine by Victoria Harbour along with the locals for fitness and well-being, and even the gingerbread men besides wave their limbs in excitement. On the stamp sheetlet, Santa and the gingerbread man rejoice at a leisurely game of Chinese chess after some exercises.

$5 stamp and self-adhesive stamp sheetlet – Navigating the densely developed Hong Kong Island by the signature Hong Kong’s tramway, Santa Claus is delivering presents and admiring the urban landscape on a tram with the snowman and the gingerbread man. Have you bumped into them at Victoria Park?

Moving on to the cross-harbor ferry on the gummed souvenir sheet, Santa Claus and the gingerbread man are giving out presents on both sides of Victoria Harbour while reveling in the spectacular scenery. The self-adhesive souvenir sheet extends a warm-hearted greeting by spelling “MERRY CHRISTMAS” with icons symbolizing Hong Kong, filling the city with love, peace and joyfulness of this widely celebrated festive season.

Official First Day Covers at $1.50 each will be put on sale at all post offices from 20 November 2020. Advance orders for servicing self-provided covers will be accepted at all philatelic offices from 20 November to 26 November 2020.

Stamp products include mint stamps, stamp sheets, souvenir sheet, self-adhesive souvenir sheet, self-adhesive stamp sheetlets, presentation pack, postage prepaid Christmas cards (Local Mail) and postage prepaid Christmas cards (Air Mail). Serviced first day cover is also available at the philatelic offices on the issue day only.

Santa Eating Dim Sum:

Santa and Rudolph on Swing:

Santa Practicing Tai Chi:

Santa on Double-Decker Bus:

Presentation Pack:

Full Sheets of 25 Gummed Stamps Each:

Miniature Sheet of 4 Gummed Stamps:

Miniature Sheet of 4 Self-Adhesive Stamps:

Miniature Sheets of 4 Self-Adhesive Stamps Each:

Postage Prepaid Christmas Cards (Local Mail):

Postage Prepaid Christmas Cards (Air Mail):

First Day Covers:

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