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05 November 2020

Christmas 2020

Spanish Administration of Andorra: Christmas 2020, 5 November 2020. Images from Correos, Philandorre and Delcampe.

Technical Specifications:

Issue date: 05 November 2020
Nadal. Baldaquí of Sant Bartomeu de Sant Julià de Lòria
Printing Procedure: Offset
Paper: Coated, gummed, phosphorescent
Stamp size: 40 x 40mm
Sheet Effect: 25
Circulation: 60,000
Postal value of the stamps: € 0.65

The 0.65 -65 stamp “Nadal 2020 – Sant Batomeu’s canopy by Sant Julia de Loria (1606) ” was issued on 5 November and printed in offset. The print run is 60,000 copies in sheets of 25.

CHRISTMAS. NADAL. Baldaquí of Sant Bartomeu de Sant Julià de Lòria

The canopy of the chapel of Sant Bartomeu, belonging to the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria, is one of the most important works of Sacred Art in the Principality of Andorra. It is a canopy, formed by a polychrome wooden panel, in which the glorification of Jesus is represented, in the center of the painting, surrounded by four angels, on which the epigraph is written: Before the name of Jesus, let everyone stand kneel. Heaven, earth and hell. The panel presents Gothic and Renaissance elements, which allow the work to be dated to the 15th century, thus being one of the few samples of Renaissance painting that are preserved in Andorra.

The canopy, attached to the truss of the chapel roof four meters high, protects the altarpiece that presides over the altar, in addition to dignifying and sacralizing the space formed by the presbytery.

The course of the centuries and the water leaks produced on the roof, deteriorated the painting, which was exquisitely restored by Mireia García in 2005, who attributes to the painter Çanou, the authorship of the work.

The altarpiece that presides over the altar of the chapel is made up of the predella, two floors and the atrium, with scenes from La Piedad, Calvary and the martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew, represented in a polychrome carving presiding over the set from the central niche of the altarpiece.

According to the original documentation that is preserved in the Solsona archive, the set was commissioned to the Cervera sculptor, Miquel Rubial, in 1606 by Bartomeu Moles, head of the Casa Molines family, owner of the chapel and for centuries, a one of the most wealthy and prestigious manors in the parish.

First Day Cover:

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