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06 November 2020

Christmas 2020

French Administration of Andorra: Christmas 2020 – The Bells of New Year, 6 November 2020. Images from La Poste, Philandorre and Delcampe.

Technical Specifications:

Issue date: 06/11/2020
Author: Pere Moles
Number of stamps per sheet: 50
Printing technique: Offset
Size: 26 X 40
Legal: creation Pere Moles, layout Stephanie Ghinéa

The stamp at 1.16 – “Christmas 2020 – New Year’s Bells “, issued on November 6, was printed in offset sheets of 50. Its circulation is 70,000 copies. The stamp was designed by Pere MOLES and laid out by Stephanie GHINÉA.

According to popular belief, there was a huge overproduction of grapes of the Aledo variety in 1909, in the Valley of The Vinalop (Alacant, Pas Valencià). Fearing that they would not be able to sell all this surplus, the producers started the idea that eating grapes with the end-of-year chime was a good luck. In this way, they thought they were going to sell all the production. Although this fact is not proven, it is widely accepted that it is at the origin of the indigenous grape tradition. It has spread to some parts of Latin America, and has become one of the most popular for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Almost all families, at the end of the New Year’s Eve meal, at midnight on December 31st, eat twelve grapes, one at each bell. We always think that if we can eat them all, we’ll be lucky throughout the year. Nevertheless, according to the press at the time, it was already common in some parts of Spain to find people who ate grapes with the midnight chime of 31 December. In Catalonia, it was the bourgeoisie that began to follow this tradition. Under French influence, she drank champagne and ate grapes at the end of the hearty New Year’s meal. Later, the working class to mock the eccentric customs of the rich, worked to popularize the tradition. However, all the variants seem to come from the belief, already in Roman times, that the consumption of grapes helped digestion.

This stamp is only valid from the Principality of Andorra.

The Customer is informed that he has a legal period of 14 days from the date of receipt of his order to withdraw by contacting customer service by the “Help and Contact” section on the Site or by sending the withdrawal form listed in Appendix 1 of the CGV by mail: Internet Customer Service – La Boutique – 99 9999 La Poste Cedex

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