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23 November 2020

Christmas 2020 — Jersey Festive Scenes

Jersey: Christmas 2020 — Jersey Festive Scenes, 23 November 2020. Images from Jersey Stamps.

Technical Specifications:

Date of issue: 23 November 2020
Withdrawal date: 23 November 2022
Designer: So Design
Sheet: Self Adhesive Sheets of Ten
Size: 30mm x 40mm
Process: Four colour offset lithography
Denominations: 46p, 54p, 62p, 70p, 84p, 88p, £1.05 & £1.18

Jersey’s beautiful landscapes, with their dramatic coastlines, countryside vistas, and iconic landmarks, offer an ideal backdrop for some quiet contemplation. Enchanting at any time of year, in the lead up to Christmas with a glittering frost and soft wintery light, they are transformed into magical festive scenes. Eight stamps feature Jersey scenes and well-known landmarks created from layers of paper cuttings. Traditional festive icons, also made from paper cut-outs, can be seen in the foreground. The cuttings have been backlit and photographed in a palette of wintery hues.

NOTE:  Jersey Stamps does not seem to have issues a press release with details about this issue.  If they do, I will update this post.

Full Sheets of 10 Stamps Each:

Presentation Pack:

First Day Cover:

Christmas Cards:

Date of issue: 1 October 2020
Withdrawal date: 5 November 2026

A beautiful set of 8 die-cut Christmas cards is designed around our Christmas Stamp issue, Jersey Festive Scenes. Each of our stamp designs has been transformed into a beautiful Christmas card to send to loved ones this year or to simply match your collection of stamps from Jersey Post’s Christmas issue.

Post & Go JE03: Jersey Coastal Flowers – ‘Wishing you a safe Christmas’:

Date of issue: 6 October 2020
Withdrawal date: 23 November 2020
Sheet: Coil Strips
Size: 25mm x 56mm
Process: Digital
Denominations: Six weight step tariffs
Price ex tax for mint strip: £5.69

Our Post & Go Jersey Coastal Flowers stamps overprinted especially for Chirstmas 2020 with the words ‘Wishing you a safe Christmas’ , vended from the JE03 kiosk at our Postal Headquarters in Jersey.

The stamp strip features six colourful flowers that can be found around the coast of Jersey. Please note this strip includes a 50p handling charge.

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