14 February 2020

Residential Houses (Series II)

Malta: Residential Houses (Series II), 14 February 2020. Images from Malta Post.

Technical Specifications:

Date Of Issue: 14 Feb 2020
Designer: Photography: Angela Spiteri
Perforation: 14.0 x 13.9 (comb)
Process: Offset
Sheet: Set of four stamps
Denominations: €0.20, €0.30, €0.59, €2.00
Watermark: Maltese Crosses
Size: Sheet Size: 185mm x 114mm – Stamp Size: 44mm x 31mm

Old residences are found in most cities, towns and villages across the Maltese Islands and these reflect the various social, economic, political and technological eras of our past.

In this philatelic issue both the 20c and 2.00 stamps feature the front and back facades of Villa Francia also known as Palazzo Francia. It was built in the 18th century and is situated in the village of Lija. It was built by Francesco Preziosi in the baroque style and it was inspired by Villa Palogonia in Bagheria, Sicily. This majestic building consists of two floors with a front and back garden. This villa is currently the official residence of the prime minister of Malta.

The 30c stamp features the facade of an old medieval house situated in Mdina, the old capital city of Malta.

The 59c stamp features the facade of Villa Gourgion. This villa is situated in Hal Lija and was built in 1709 by Giovanni Gourgion. In 1921 Villa Gourgion hosted the National Assembly to discuss the drafting of the eventual 1921 Constitution. In 2008 the Villa was scheduled as Grade 1 monument.

Villa Francia (Front), Lija:

Medieval House in Mdina:

Villa Gourgion, Hal Lija:

Villa Francia (Back), Lija:

Full Sheets of 10 Stamps Each:

First Day Cover:


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