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17 September 2020

Personalities of Cyprus

Cyprus: Personalities of Cyprus, 17 September 2020. Images from Delcame.

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Issued on: 2020-09-17
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Stella Soulioti

Stella Soulioti was born in 1920 in Lemesos and passed away in 2012. Her parents, Sir Panagiotis Kakogiannis, a lawyer, and Angeliki Efthyvoulou, were very progressive people who gave her, as she herself had said, the most important and valuable thing in life, a good education.

She initially studied secretarial studies in London and worked in the colonial government as secretary and chief of staff at the Public Information Office.

In 1943 she enlisted in the Royal Air Force (RAF) from where she retired in 1946 as a captain. She continued her law studies in London where she met Dimitris Souliotis with whom she got married in 1949 and had a daughter named Alexia.

She returned to Cyprus in 1951 and practiced law until 1960. She was the first and only female lawyer in Cyprus at that time.

From 1960 onwards, she became part of the history of the Republic of Cyprus which she served from various positions, providing important services.

She was the first female minister, the only female Attorney General to date and the first Commissioner for Legislation.

She served for 43 years as president of the Cyprus Red Cross as well as chairperson and member of various organizations, associations and committees.

For her versatile and valuable contribution, she received many awards and prizes.

Nearchos Kliridis


Nearchos Clerides is among the prominent spiritual people of our country. A tireless worker of the spirit, he was born in 1892 in Agros and died in 1969 in Nicosia. He deserves special admiration, since he fought persistently and in adverse conditions, to realize his dream, to become a teacher. He developed a rich educational and social work, offering the maximum not only to his hometown, Agros, but also to Cyprus and Hellenism.

He is one of the most prolific Cypriot writers, dedicated his life to the spiritual rise of his homeland and contributed greatly to the dissemination and rescue of our popular culture, by collecting, studying and publishing folk songs, fairy tales, customs and legends. As a result of his hard work, he has published about 50 schoolbooks and 27 other independent works, and published hundreds of studies on most aspects of local history, geography, rural life, Cypriot monasticism, and local ecclesiastical tradition.

Vassos Lyssaridis


Vassos Lyssaridis was born in Lefkara, on 13 May 1920.

He studied at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Athens and graduated with honors. He practiced general medicine and was President of the Medical Association (1967-1981). During his student years, he was Chairman of the Pan-student Committee of the Cyprus Struggle, Secretary of the Coordinating Committee of the Cypriot Associations and head of the local association of EAM Cyprus.

He took part in the national liberation struggle of EOKA (1955-1959) and voted against the Zurich – London agreements.

He led the resistance against EOKA B and against the coup of 15 July 1974.

He was continuously elected Member of Parliament from 1960 to 2006 and during the period 1985-1991 he served as President of the Cypriot Parliament.

In 1969, he founded the Socialist Party EDEK, of which he was President until July 2001.

He served as vice-president of AAPSO since 1961 and Secretary General of ICSA (International Committee in Solidarity with South Africa) which worked vigorously for the release of Nelson Mandela.

Being a politician, poet and painter, Vassos Lyssaridis left his mark on all aspects of the history and life of his country.

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