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26 October 2020

 Contemporary Art – Berlinde De Bruyckere, Scultpor

Belgium: Contemporary Art – Berlinde De Bruyckere, Scultpor, 26 October 2020. Images from bpost.

Technical Specifications:

Berlinde De Bruyckere
Theme: Berlinde De Bruyckere (Ghent, 1964) is a Belgian artist renowned worldwide for her installations and sculptures. She grew up in the working-class district of Muide, Ghent. She studied monumental arts at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Ghent, from which she graduated in 1986. Since the early 1990s, the human body has been at the centre of its art. The recurring themes of his work always include a duality: love and suffering, threat and protection, life and death.
Postage stamp: ‘Walburga’, 16 November ’18, 2019, Berlinde De Bruyckere
Layout: Myriam Voz
Postage stamp format: 48.75mm x 38.15mm
Leaf format: 280mm x 108mm
Sheet composition: 10 postage stamps
Value: 1 Non Prior Belgium
For standard shipments up to 50g
Paper: FSC white scrubbed
Dentelure: 11 1/2
Printing process: Offset
Issue date: October 26, 2020
Repro and Print: Philately bpost and Stamps Printing

Berlinde De Bruyckere (born 1964) is a Belgian contemporary artist.

De Bruyckere specializes in sculpture in various media including wax, wood, wool, horse skin and hair, though she also works in watercolor, gouache, and since the early 1990s many of her major works have featured structures involving blankets. Their use is symbolic both of warmth and shelter, and of the vulnerable circumstances such as wars that make people seek such shelter.

In 2000, De Bruyckere’s work with five dead horses, In Flanders Fields, a commentary on World War I, was exhibited at the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres. In 2006, her work was included in the 4th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art and exhibited in a two-artist show at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. At the 2013 Venice Biennale, her sculptures were shown in the Belgian Pavilion.

De Bruyckere solo exhibitions include La Maison Rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris (2005); the De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art, Tilburg (2005); The Mystery of the Body: Berlinde De Bruyckere in Dialogue with Lucas Cranach and Pier Paolo Pasonli, the Kunstmuseum Bern; and We are all Flesh at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2012).

In 2015 she received an honorary doctorate from Ghent University.

Full Sheet of 10 Stamps:

First Day Sheet:

FDS – Berlinde De Bruyckere
6,75 €
First Day Sheet of the “Berlinde De Bruyckere” show, a Belgian artist renowned around the world for her installations and sculptures.
FDS with a first day obliteration and presenting on the back an interesting N/F text on the theme, as well as all the technical characteristics of the postage stamp issue.
Issue date: 26/10/2020
Product code: 00000031628

First Day Cover:

Maximum Card:

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