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31 August 2020

 Abbeys and Monasteries

Belgium: Abbeys and Monasteries, 31 August 2020. Images from bpost.

Technical Specifications:

Abbeys and Monasteries
9,80 €
Theme: The first abbeys date back to the 4th or 5th century AD. Originally, they were born from the meeting of separate hermitages. They then gave rise to the buildings that we still know today.
Postage stamps: a. Chevetogne – Copyright: Father André Pawliw b. Postel – Copyright: Ronny Daems v. Zevenkerken – Copyright: Archives Sint-Andriesabdij d. Maredsous – Copyright: Laurent Gillar e. Westmalle – Copyright: Peter Jacobs
Leaf: Window of a Gothic-style abbey
Creation: Guillaume Broux Prints – Layout: Myriam Voz
Stamp format: 27.66mm x 40.20mm
Leaflet format: 134mm x 187mm
Sheet composition: 5 postage stamps
Value 2 Non Prior for Belgium
For non-standardized formats up to 100g
Paper: FSC white scrubbed
Dentelure: 11 1/2
Printing process: heliogravure and soft-cut
Issue date: August 31, 2020
Repro and Print: Philately bpost and Stamps Printing







Abbeys and Monasteries

Focus on our Religious Heritage

Issue of limited postage stamps 13

Belgium has a rich religious past. The hundreds testify abbeys and monasteries erected all over our country. Many have received a new assignment over the years, but the number of monasteries and abbeys have remained to this day places of meditation and devotion. We put five prominently on this limited issue of postage stamps.

The selection of the five monasteries and illustrated abbeys (Chevetogne, Maredsous, Postel, Zevenkerken, Westmalle) does not was very restful. bpost and its graphic designer Myriam Voz finally opted for buildings that had never been featured before, on a postage stamp issue and which are still used in their original function.

Myriam Voz: “Among the hundred abbeys that exist in Belgium, I have withdrawn the 29 having already appeared on stamps and then I removed all the ones that weren’t no longer in service, which brought the total to 14. The 5 retained at the end of the account are buildings that present added value aesthetically and which lent themselves good for engraving ”.

Magical Brightness

A good part of the photographic material comes from the abbeys properly say. We must believe that there are among the monks of talented photographers hidden. Myriam Voz: “The photos of Chevetogne, Maredsous and Zevenkerken were provided to me by their abbeys themselves. Chevetogne’s photo is a nice shot of atmosphere that took center stage during long on the monastery’s Facebook page. The building is bathed in a light that has something magical about it. Father André Pawliw, author of the photo, gave us the authorization to use it. I was able to take the photo as is in my project, without retouching or correcting colors. The photo of Maredsous was almost ready to use her too. For the photo of Postel, I applied a filter light yellow to soften the whole thing. “

The composition of the sheet refers to obvious way to life in a cloister. We have thus the impression of contemplating the five monasteries and abbeys through a window cloister. Myriam: “I find that the sight through the window gives more depth and brings a touch of mystery. This leaflet is one of my favorites, because of its colors and its original composition ”.

Light Engravings

The five buildings were engraved by Guillaume Broux. “I think this is the first time in 30 years that I engrave abbeys. The abbey buildings pre-feel a similar architecture and are relatively simple in construction. This allowed me to quite easily create engravings. These are 5 frontal views of facades, so that I had to hold less account of the perspective. In order to put highlighting the colors of Myriam’s project Voz, I favored light engravings “.

The material of construction also has an influence on the engraving. Guillaume : “Zevenkerken Abbey is made of bricks. However, the brick quickly makes engraving too heavy, especially in postage stamp format. That’s why I didn’t draw every row of every brick ”. The abbey de Maredsous was built in natural stone. “Cut stones and hand-shaped give directly another aspect to engraving. I try always make the type of stone identifiable in my work, without weighing down all. “

First Day Sheet:

FDS – Abbeys and Monasteries
First Day Sheet with the show “Abbeys and Monasteries”: Chevetogne, Postel, Zevenkerken, Maredsous and Westmalle.
FDS with a first day obliteration and presenting on the back an interesting N/F text on the theme, as well as all the technical characteristics of the postage stamp issue.
Issue date: 08/31/2020
Product code: 00000031625

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