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31 August 2020

 The Roaring Twenties

Belgium: The Roaring Twenties, 31 August 2020. Images from bpost and private collection.

Technical Specifications:

The Roaring Twenties
Theme: A hundred years ago, the historical period called ‘The Roaring Twenties’ or ‘The Roaring Twenties’ began.
Postage stamps: a. Girl style “boy” b. House of architect Léon Stynen v. The car becomes more visible in the street d. Era of jazz e. Technological progress – introduction of appliances, including toasters
Leaf: Colorful background with typography in the popular graphic style of the 1920s
Creation: Eva Mouton Drawings and Layout
Stamp format: 30mm x 40mm
Leaflet format: 226mm x 156mm
Sheet composition: 5 postage stamps
Value 2 Non Prior for Belgium
For non-standardized formats up to 100g
Paper: FSC white scrubbed
Dentelure: 11 1/2
Printing process: Offset
Issue date: August 31, 2020
Repro and Print: Philately bpost and Stamps Printing


Émission de timbres-poste limités 15 / Limited 15 postage stamp issue

Forget the Swinging Sixties, the Roaring Twenties were even more intriguing. This decade has seen a multitude of changes that still speak to imaginary a century later. This period imprinted of spontaneity was put into images by Eva Mouton, a Ghent illustrator known above all for her press cartoons published by the newspaper De Standaard.

Eva Mouton is used to working on small formats. But never before had she had to deal with an area as small as that of a postage stamp. Eva Mouton: “To be able to create a postage stamp for his country is a great honor. I had already produced MyStamp stamps for orders of my Online Store. In order to instantly inspire a happy feeling to my clients, indeed I affix my own postage stamps on their orders. Dinosaurs and ice cream work every time ”.


No dinosaur or ice cream however on this postage stamp issue, but a toaster, a car and an art deco house. Besides the innovative sleek design of the 1920s, the nightlife knew also a serious boom with dances too popular than the Charleston swing and the exuberant tap dancers. These were women emancipated, who cut their hair squared and did not care about the rules that applied at that time for the fairer sex. So many themes that are represented on this show. How to immerse yourself a century in back when you’re a 32-year-old illustrator?

Eva Mouton: “I totally immersed myself in this period and I even read a real brick on the genesis of the automobile in Belgium, lent to me my mechanic sponsor. Years 20 were a tumultuous time, which saw multiple upheavals on plans political and economic. What intrigued me the most, they are the women of this decade, who fought for their freedom. Their look was most exuberant, with elegant short skirts, lips with contours dark and feathers in the hair. If I had lived then, I would probably have dressed in a a little more masculine, with wide pants, suspenders and a hat, outfits that were also very popular at the time. During the war, women had often held men’s trades and they no longer intended to give back the place they had acquired. They were reasonably tough and worthy of admiration “.


The style of Eva Mouton is particularly recognizable. “Clear, both in terms of the line (black and thick) than coloring (soft and ripe thoughtful). Always straightforward and uncluttered in order to obtain an image easy to interpret. »For this leaflet, she opted for a grid made up of frames adorning a Wall. The frames stand out just a little from the perforation of the postage stamps, otherwise they would have been too loaded. It punctuated the set of typography that can be found on many posters of 1920s. “I consider these postage stamps to be small, stand-alone works of art. They therefore deserved each their own frame. “


Léon Stynen House:

Rise of Automobile Culture:

Jazz Music:

Electric Toaster – Technological Innovations:

First Day Sheet:

FDS – The Roaring Twenties

First Day Sheet with “The Roaring Twenties” or “Crazy Years”.
FDS with a first day obliteration and presenting on the back an interesting N/F text on the theme, as well as all the technical characteristics of the postage stamp issue.
Issue date: 08/31/2020
Product code: 00000031627

First Day Covers:

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