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14 September 2020

School Savings Coupons (Series I)

Greenland: School Savings Coupons, 14 September 2020. Images from Post Greenland.

Technical Specifications:

01100684, 01100685
School savings coupons I
Artist: Nina Spore Kreutzmann
Denomination: DKK 5.00, DKK 10.00
Date of issue: 14th September 2020
10 stamps per sheet
Ext. dimensions: 28.80 x 40.00 mm
Format: G – vertical
Typography: The Lowe-Martin Group
Print method: Offset
Paper: TR4

Greenlandic school savings coupons

By Pertti Frandsen

Originally savings coupons were a way of encouraging people to save up. The Danish savings coupons bank (Dansk Sparemærkekasse) was established in 1881. In 1886 a division was set up for children who were not permitted to withdraw their savings until they reached the age of 14.

These coupons were available in schools and at numerous retail outlets all over Denmark. When the completed folder had been filled with savings coupons, it could be deposited at a branch of the savings bank and the amount would be credited to the saver’s account. Over the years, children in Denmark were able to lay aside no less than seven million DKK (calculated around 1930). Savings coupons were available in many different types and editions.

Important years for Greenlandic savings coupons:

1910. So-called ‘compensation stamps’ were introduced to Greenland on 18th May. This arrangement ended in 1926, at which point savings coupons booklets were introduced to Northern Greenland.

1927. Savings coupons were introduced to Northern Greenland, using Parcel Post stamps.

1939. Parcel Post stamps were phased out and replaced by new KGH stamps, at values of 25 Øre and 1 DKK.

1957. The Savings Bank’s School Savings arrangement was introduced throughout Greenland. 25 Øre value savings coupons, created by artist Alex Secher.

1962. KGH issued new savings coupons booklets and new coupons, with values of 25 Øre and 1 DKK.

1976. The school savings arrangement was brought to an end.

When nationwide school savings coupons were introduced in 1957 the plan became a national concern in Greenland. Alex Secher’s original designs are the basis for all postage stamps in this new series, which is planned to continue for several years. The layout for all the stamps in this series was undertaken by graphic artist Nina Spore Kreutzmann.

About the artist
Nina Spore Kreutzmann was born in Skive, Denmark, in 1962. She is a self-employed designer and illustrator, working from her own Tita studio in Nuuk. Nina Spore Kreutzmann works in a wide variety of forms of expression in her illustrations. Her work includes illustrating the book ‘Takanna – Good Food Using Greenlandic Ingredients’ and writing and illustrating ‘Nikoline’, a book for children. These are Nina’s 17th and 18th stamps for POST Greenland since her stamp début in 2004. Learn more about the artist at

Full Sheets of 10 Stamps Each:

First Day Cover:

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