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06 November 2020

Christmas 2020

Greenland: Christmas 2020, 6 November 2020. Images from Post Greenland.

Technical Specifications:

01100690. 01100691
Christmas stamps 2020
Denominations: DKK 16.00, DKK 18.00
Artist: Maja-Lisa Kehlet
Date of issue: 6th November 2020
10 stamps per sheet
Ext. dimensions: 28.80 x 40.00mm
Format: G – vertical
Typography: Lowe-Martin Group
Printing method: Offset
Paper: TR4

Christmas stamps 2020. Mint set 2 values. This year’s two Christmas stamps reproduce two magnificent illustrations from the multi-artist Juaaka Lyberth’s picture book ‘Orpilissat nunarsuarmi kusanarnersaat’ (‘The most beautiful Christmas tree in the world’). All illustrations in this Christmas book are created by the young artist Maja-Lisa Kehlet from Nuuk. Her illustrations are beautiful and vivid and testify to a great artistic talent in unfoldment. The two Christmas stamps are printed offset on gummed paper. True to tradition, the Christmas stamps are also published in a stamp booklet printed on self-adhesive paper. Face value / post office price: 34 DKK. Date of issue: 6th November 2020

2020 Christmas stamps

By Pertti Frandsen
This year’s two Christmas stamps from POST Greenland reproduce two evocative illustrations from multi-artist Juaaka Lyberth’s picture book ‘Orpilissat nunarsuarmi kusanarnersaat’ (‘The most beautiful Christmas tree in the world’).

The picture book was published in 2019 by Milik Publishing. It was nominated for the Nordic Council’s prize for literature in the Spring of 2020. All pictures in the book are created by a new star in the heavens of Greenlandic art, namely Maja-Lisa Kehlet, who was born in 1992.

Maja-Lisa’s illustrations are beautiful and vivid. The story and the pictures of ‘Orpilissat nunarsuarmi kusanarnersaat’ make it a wonderful Christmas book that is not about presents and consumption, but what really matters; the joy of Christmas itself.

The story is set in Uummannaq. The townspeople are sad and miserable because colony administrator Hammeken has decided not to order Christmas trees for the town. A boy called Kunuk wants to save Christmas and resorts to assistance from an elf called Lillepot. Kunuk is the only person in his family who believes in elves and Santa Claus and tries to convince the rest of his family that they really do exist. There are, however, scary trolls who detest Christmas. They are willing to do anything to prevent it and kidnap the tiny innocent elves who are trying to bring in enforcements from other elves from nearby towns.

About the artist
Maja-Lisa Kehlet was born and raised in Nuuk. She trained at the school of animation in Viborg, Denmark and now lives in London, where she works and hones her skills in graphic animation. Her mother is artist Anne-Lise Løvstrøm.

In addition to the aforementioned Christmas book by Juaaka Lyberth, Maja-Lisa Kehlet has also illustrated a picture book called ‘1 – 2 – 3’ and author Sørine Steenholdt’s acclaimed novel ’Zombieland’.

Previously in 2012, when interviewed in ’Greenland Today’, this young rising star said:

“People say I have a good sense of colour, just like my mother. I can remember being amazed when I was little by her ability to combine just the right colours to depict properly the most beautiful aspects of Greenland’s natural environment.

There is no way to sum up in a single sentence a particular goal that I have for my art. I want to raise the bar; not just for Greenland, but also for Denmark and the rest of the world.”

It is certainly fair to say that she is already well on the way to fulfilling her own expectations.

To read more about artist Maja-Lisa Kehlet, visit

With these two wonderful Christmas stamps by Maja-Lisa, POST Greenland would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Self-Adhesive Booklet of 12 Stamps:

First Day Cover:

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