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06 November 2020

Sled Dog Puppies (franking labels)

Greenland: Sled Dog Puppies (franking labels), 6 November 2020. Images from Post Greenland.

Technical Specifications:

Set of four, self-adhesive
Item No. 01700063
Date of issue: 6th November 2020
Values: From DKK 16.00 to DKK 100 with 25 øre intervals.
Printer: Walsall Security Printers Ltd.
Paper: Thermal face paper 73 g
Colours: CMYK
Print: Digital printing
Format: 56.00 mm x 25.00 mm.

Cute Greenlandic sled dog puppies feature on this new set of 2020 franking labels. Mint and stamped franking
labels can be ordered. You can choose your own value for the franking label, from a minimum of DKK 16.00 per stamp.

If you order or subscribe to first day covers applied with our franking labels, POST Greenland’s trademark envelope will be used. It will only be possible to have them postmarked with a normal postmark (3913 Tasiilaq).

Order them online at

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