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02 September 2020

Posti Art Prize Winner 2020 — Janne Laine

Finland: Posti Art Prize Winner 2020 — Janne Laine, 2 September 2020. Images from Posti Finland.

Technical Specifications:

Issued on: 2020-09-02
Colors: Multicolor
Format: Booklet Pane
Perforation: Serpentine Die Cut
Printing: Offset lithography
Gum: Self-Adhesive
Face value: 2 x domestic (€1.75 per stamp on day of issue)
Stamp design: Janne Laine.
Contains five sets of two designs.

Tatu and Patu to go on an adventure on stamps this fall

The fall’s stamp season will begin next week as, on Wednesday, September 2, Posti will release four new stamp publications with a total of 13 different stamps. The stamps feature Tatu and Patu, graphic art that has won Posti’s art award and a painting of a little dreamer. In addition, September’s stamps celebrate the UN’s International Literacy Day.

Janne Laine’s forest-themed art impresses

Stamps for this fall also showcase the nature-themed graphic art by Janne Laine, this year’s winner of Posti’s art award. Two images from Laine’s large body of work were chosen for the stamps. Sunset depicts sturdy spruces at sunset, behind which you can see dead trees. Duet features two dark forms of birds perching on a treetop against a background of light sky and reddish clouds.

Janne Laine, inspired by landscapes in Iceland, became interested in Finnish forests after he realized that the old-growth forest in Lavia he knew from his childhood had been cut down. “Since then, I have wanted use my works to create my own untouched forests where nature is in balance. For many, the forest is a holy place where you can feel a genuine connection to nature,” says Laine.

This spring was the fourth time Posti’s art award was presented. In 2019, the art award was presented to fashion designer Mert Otsamo. In 2018, it went to graffiti artist EGS and in 2017, it was awarded to sculptor Jasmin Anoschkin.

Posti’s art award 2020: Janne Laine will be issued as a 10-stamp sheet containing two different domestic no-value indicator stamp designs.

Full Sheet of 10 Stamps:

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