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28 August 2020

Šargan Eight Tourist Railroad, Višegrad-Mokra Gora

(official personalized stamp)

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Serbian Administration: Šargan Eight Tourist Railroad, Višegrad-Mokra Gora, 28 August 2020. Images from Delcampe.

Technical Specifications:

Issued on: 2020-08-28
Colors: Multicolor
Format: Stamp
Emission: Personalized
Perforation: Serpentine Die Cut
Printing: Offset lithography
Gum: Self-Adhesive
Denomination: 0.90 KM – Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark

From the Hotel Palisad (Zlatibor) website:

Close to the tourist center Zlatibor, between Šargan and Mokra Gora, there is an unusual 13.5 kilometers long railroad in the shape of number eight. Narrow gauge railroad winds over mountain cliffs and with its unusual path prevail 300 meters of height difference.

It was reconstructed in 1999 and, today, the ride across rocky cliffs on the famous train `Ćira` from Mokra Gora to Vitas and back is a big tourist attraction. Railroad goes through 22 tunnels and over 10 bridges and viaducts. This railroad path is surely one of the most beautiful in the world. Spirit of some long gone times and sights of the beautiful nature will make your holiday unforgettable.

On initiative and effort of Emir Kusturica, a building of Andrić`s Stone town started, and as for the train `Ćira` and narrow gauge railroad, it represents cultural, social, ethical and all in all economic-touristic bond of two countries. If you decide to visit Mokra Gora and the Shargan eight, aside from ride on the `Ćira` we suggest that you take one day and go for a walk on one part of the railroad. Walking circle is about 8 kilometers long, there is an asphalt paved road to the station Jatare, and walk to the viewpoint Ludi Kamen is next to the railroad, on a renovated path. Experience the Shargan eight in the way it was meant to be, with the lack of crowds and tourists, with the train `Ćira` that runs next to you, the smell of railroad and authentic ambiance will make you feel as if you were in the film `Life is Miracle`.


From Serbia.com:

The Shargan Eight, a romantic ride into the past

Owing to its rich history, interesting premonitions, the unusual shape and unimaginable surrounding landscapes, the Shargan Eight is righteously called the wonder of the railways and one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in Serbia.

Part of the railroad track that had once connected Europe to the Adriatic Sea over the hills, bridges and inaccessible sceneries, today represents one-of-a-kind tourist-museum railway. For less than fifty years, the famous “Ćira” has been riding through these hilly landscapes and mountain notches, leaving behind the smell of smoke and the recognizable “choo-choo” sound.

This legendary train which in the past had its regular route from Belgrade to Dubrovnik and Zelenika, become a part of the history and sweet memory of those who had a chance of travelling on it.

However, neither time nor modernization could erase the memory of “Ćira” and the exceptional ride down the narrow railroad through some of the Serbia’s most beautiful landscapes.

Just like people in 1974 said their goodbyes to the train that had been driving them safely to the desired station, twenty years later, the desire of reviving at least one of its parts and feel the bygone spirit of the past, has appeared again.

That is when the Shargan Eight has been brought back to life, and another premonition of the famous prophet Mitar Tarabić came true. „Many years will pass and people will remember the iron road again, so they will re-build it. Just, there won’t be passengers who travel to Višegrad because of their need and work, but for fun, enjoyment and relaxing“, said the famous Tarabić in the late 19th century.

And that’s the way it is today. Although “Ćira” doesn’t drive down the railroad drawing the perfect eight any longer, the sound of steam locomotive and the smell of smoke, still fill up the fresh mountain air. The one to “blame” is the “Nostalgia” train which drives the curious passengers from Mokra Gora to Shargan Vitasi station. That is how the cheerful gurgle of the excited passengers spreads around the wagons whose clanking echoes across the quiet landscapes again.

Directorate of Sarajevo had started the building of Shargan railway, or the part between Užice and Vardište on March 1st, 1921. The first train which had been driving down the brand new railroad, passed by on 25th of January in 1925, and this railroad was of a large economic, political and military-strategic significance.

Romantic ride on the „Nostalgia“, brings the old generations back to their distant past, and gives the opportunity to the young to get to know its small, but carefully kept part. And then it looks like nothing much has changed.

Wooden wagons, richness and natural beauties of this region, remind of the past times which were a symbol of simplicity and attachment to people and nature.

And that’s not it. By boarding the train, you will pass the 22 tunnels, over 5 bridges and overcome the height difference of 300m and all that at only 15.440m of distance. You can expect magnificent viewpoints and breathtaking scenes. Impressive, right?

The Shargan “Eight” railroad has got its name because the above sea level of 300m is overcome by the rise upon the hills in the convoluted circles in the shape of number eight. One of the biggest attractions is Golubići station, made for the needs of Emir Kusturica’s movie “Life is a miracle”.

Sightseeing of luxuriant nature of Mokra Gora and vicinity has numerous charms both in the summer and winter period. Here everything smells like wildflowers and bloomed greenery in spring, and in winter, nature is tucked into the thick snow blanket. The thrilling ride on the “Nostalgia” represents the unforgettable experience, and it is on you to pick your favorite season for enjoying its beauties.

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