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01 November 2020

Flora of Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian Administration): Flora of Bosnia, 1 November 2020. Images from Hrvatska pošta Mostar.

Technical Specifications:

Brand numbers: 549. 549
Type: Occasional
Motifs: Vriskova čestoslavica, Blue Weasels (Moltkia petraea)
Designer: Vilim Parić
Size: 35.50 x 25.56 mm
Printer: AKD d.o.o. Zagreb
Paper: White, 102 g, rubberized
Perforation: Combed 14
Denomination: 2 x 2,70 KM
Release Date: 1.11.2020.
Sheet: 8 stamps
Quantity Printed: 10,000

Endemic plants have a small area of distribution and need to be known in order to preserve and protect them because each species is an important link in the eco system. Motifs on HP Mostar brands in the edition “Flora 2020” are two endemic plants.

Vriskova oftenslavica (Veronica saturejoides) is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian endemic. This perennial poleglo-crawling plant grows from 10 to 30 cm in length. Its roots are fibrous and skinned, and the stems are sledgehammer and at the bottom of the tree. The leaves are simple, slightly jagged, and at the bottom are joined in the form of a rosette. The two-sex flowers have a crown of azure blue color and bloom from May to July.
Blue weasels (Moltkia petraea) also belong to the group of BH. endemic. Purple blue bell flowers are two-sex and collected in dense inflorescences. The leaves are dark green in color, narrow and oblong. The stem is covered with hairs and grows up to 50 cm in height. This Deciduous perennial blooms from May to July.

Hrvatska pošta d.o.o. Mostar issued 2 commemorative postage stamps in an ark of 8 MARKS, a stamp and an envelope on the first day (FDC). Brands and supporting materials can also be purchased online at

2,70 KM Vriskova oftenslavica (Veronica saturejoides):

2,70 KM Blue weasels (Moltkia petraea):

Full Sheet of 8 Stamps:

First Day Cover:

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