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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Hrvatska pošta Mostar (Croatian Administration)

26 September 2020

European Day of Languages

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian Administration): European Day of Languages, 26 September 2020. Images from Delcampe and Hrvatska pošta Mostar.

Technical Specifications:

Brand number: 544
Designer: Magdalena Džinić Hrkać
Size: 29.82 x 35.50 mm
Printer: AKD d.o.o. Zagreb
Paper: White, 102 g, rubberized
Perforations: Combed 14
Denomination: 0,90 KM
Release Date: 26.9.2020.
Quantity Printed: 100,000

The European Day of Languages is celebrated on 26 September with the aim of value and promoting all languages and cultures and preserving the rich heritage of European languages, as well as motivating people to learn more languages for life. In order to celebrate European linguistic diversity, it was first marked in 2001, at the initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union. There are about 7 billion people living on Earth who speak between 6,000 and 7,000 different languages. Of these, only 3% are indigenous European languages (about 225).

Latin language (lingua Latina) is the language of the Latin-Phallic branch of the Italic branch of the Indo-European language family. At the beginning of the historical period, it was spoken in the province of Lazio (Latium) after which it was named. Latin is the language of classical Roman literature, the official language of the Roman state, the Western Church, medieval Latin literature, science, education and public administration. Until the 19th century it was the official language in some European countries. Today it is considered an important world language used in the Catholic Church, all branches of contemporary science (especially as the foundation of medicine), culture and literature. Of all the world languages, Latin influenced other languages the most.

Hrvatska pošta d.o.o. Mostar issued a commemorative postage stamp in a sheek of 10 MARKS, a stamp and an envelope on the first day (FDC). Brands and supporting materials can also be purchased online at

Full Sheet of 10 Stamps:

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