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San Marino

10 November 2020

Pro I.S.S. (Institute for Social Security San Marino; COVID-19 Dedication)

San Marino: Pro I.S.S. (Institute for Social Security San Marino; COVID-19 Dedication), 10 November 2020. Images from Ufficio Filatelico Numismatico San Marino.

Technical Specifications:

Designer: Davide Pagliardini
Printing: 4 colour offset and yellow fluorescent invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing
Perforation: 13 x 13¼
Date Of Issue: 10 11 2020
Postal Value: €2,80; 1 value of €5.00 in sheets of 12 stamps with a strip on the left side of the sheet
Print Run: 50.000
Pro I.S.S. (Institute for Social Security San Marino)
Code: 707
The stamp shows the Mount Titano and the three Towers wearing a mask, symbol of the pandemic: it is dedicated to the commitment of the institutions of San Marino during the Covid-19 sanitary emergency, in particular the Institute for Social Security, to which the proceeds from the sale will be donated.

The ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) virus was confirmed to have reached San Marino in February 2020. As of 29 October, with 852 confirmed cases out of a population of 34,232 (as of 2020), it was the country with the second-highest percentage of confirmed cases per capita at 2.08% – 1 confirmed case per 49 inhabitants. Also, with 42 confirmed deaths, the country has the highest rate of confirmed deaths per capita at 0.126% of the total population – 1 death per 794 inhabitants. The crude fatality rate is 6.05%. It was declared “Covid-free” on 26 June 2020, although on 9 July it had another case who had recovered by the end of the month.

On 27 February, San Marino confirmed its first case, an 88-year-old man with pre-existing medical conditions. He was hospitalized in Rimini, Italy. On 1 March, 7 more cases were confirmed and the Health Emergency Coordination Group confirmed that the 88-year-old man had died, becoming the first Sammarinese to die of the virus.

On 8 March, the number of confirmed cases had increased to 36. On 10 March, 63 cases were confirmed. On 11 March, 66 cases were confirmed, and the death count increased to 3. On 12 March, confirmed cases count increased to 67 and the death count to 5. On 14 March, the government ordered a nationwide quarantine until 6 April.

San Marino was declared to have no active cases on 26 June. In total, 698 cases of COVID-19 had been identified, of whom 42 died and the remaining 656 recovered. On 9 July, one case of COVID-19 was identified and isolated. The patient recovered and by the end of the month, the number of active cases in the country returned to zero.

Full Sheet of 12 Stamps:

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