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Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH Pošta)

07 July 2020 

A Work of Art by Safet Zec

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH Pošta): A Work of Art by Safet Zec, 7 July 2020. Images from BH Pošta.

Technical Specifications:

Denomination: 0,77 EUR (1.50 KM)
Author: Safet Zec
Date of issue: 07.07.2020
Number of stamps in sheet: 50
Printing: Offset lithography
Safet Zec (born 5 December 1943) is a Bosnian painter and graphic designer. He was born in the town of Rogatica to a Bosniak family, and graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo in 1964. In 1969 Safet Zec graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and then in 1972 completed his postgraduate studies at the same university.

In the seventies, Safet Zec became one of the major exhibits of poetic realism. He was one of the most famous artists in Yugoslavia during the early nineties. Until 1989, he lived and worked in Belgrade with his family, he returned to Sarajevo the next year. He left the country in 1992 because of the Bosnian War, and fled to Udine, Italy.

Safet Zec has prepared over 70 solo exhibitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in large cities around the world. He is also a member of the Association of Visual Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has won over 20 awards and is acknowledged for his work. In 2007 he was awarded with the Order of the Arts and Literature of France. His works are in major European and international galleries, as well as private collections.

Today he lives and works in Venice, Sarajevo, Paris, and Počitelj.

Full Sheet of 50 Stamps:

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