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25 September 2020

Diplomatic Relations with Mauritius Pre-Paid Envelope

(joint issue with Mauritius)

Australia: Diplomatic Relations with Mauritius 50th Anniversary, 25 September 2020. Images from Australia Post.


he Australia and Mauritius: 1970-2020 postage-paid envelope (PPE) features an illustration of two flowers in the postage paid area of the envelope.

On 25 September 2020, the nations of Mauritius and Australia celebrate 50 years of official diplomatic relations. Our two countries enjoy close cultural, security and economic relations. We share common values, including respect for democracy, human rights, rule of law, cultural diversity and sustainable development, all of which we advocate in Indian Ocean regional and international fora. Our growing economic relationship is based on opportunities in education and the blue economy, and our people-to-people links are underpinned by Australia’s large Mauritian diaspora and alumni.The envelope’s floral motifs represent our two countries’ rich and diverse flora. The colours of the Trochetia boutoniana, endemic to Mauritius, reflect the vivacity of Mauritian society; the green and gold of the Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) are Australia’s national colours. The resilience of the two species embodies the spirit of the peoples of our two countries.

Cover design: Jo Muré, Australia Post Design Studio

Photographs: Mr Kadrewvel Pillay Vythilingum (Trochetia boutoniana).

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