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09 October 2020

World Post Day

Mexico: World Post Day, 9 October 2020. Images from Servicio Postal Mexicanos Filatelia.

Technical Specifications:

Name: World Post Day
Price: $ 14.00 Pesos $ 0.73 USD
Issue Date: 10/09/2020
Paper: Matte white couché, self-adhesive 110 g / m2
Designer: Sergio Barranca Rábago
Size: 48 x 40 mm
Colors: Multicolor
Format: Se-tenant pair
Perforation: Rouletted
Printing: Offset lithography
Denominations: 2 x 7 new pesos
Print run: 50,000

World Post Day is celebrated each year on 9 October. The event was declared by the 1969 Universal Postal Congress in Tokyo as a means to mark the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) creation in 1874.

The purpose of World Post Day is to bring awareness to the Post’s role in the everyday lives of people and businesses, as well as its contribution to global social and economic development.

As a result, the UPU’s member countries are encouraged to organize their own national activities to celebrate the event, including everything from the introduction or promotion of new postal products and services, to the organization of open days at post offices, mail centres and postal museums.

For countries participating in the UPU International Letter-Writing Competition, national winners are often honoured on 9 October.

2020 Message from the Director General

“More than mail”

We all need to recognize the incredible sacrifices made by postal operators and their staff during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Deemed essential staff as the pandemic raged furiously across the world, these postal workers labored hard to deliver the mail.

Some workers tragically lost their lives; others confronted life-changing damage to their health.

Many more suffered in numerous other ways.

I salute the bravery and dedication of the millions of postal workers who continued to deliver when faced with global disruption.

You have made this industry and the world proud—I stand in awe of your many achievements.

Through airline stoppages, border closures, outbreaks in sorting offices and elsewhere, the mail was kept moving.

When obstacles barred the way, new routes were forged. Trains and boats replaced passenger planes; postal operators designed new ways of working, new ways of delivering.

Huge logistical chains transcending national borders and continents—covering vast distances—were altered within days and weeks.

Innovation and creativity were the hallmarks of this new period and the drivers of fresh ways of providing social and financial services to customers.

Thanks to the post, the old, isolated and infirm were assisted; life-saving medicines delivered; protective equipment provided; and essential financial services maintained.

The Universal Postal Union also stepped up by providing much needed analysis, partnerships and innovation to our member countries.

Despite the many challenges, we have collectively upheld our duty to the universal service obligation calling for postal deliveries to everyone on this planet, no matter their location.

World Post Day is a fitting day to pay tribute to our member countries, postal operators, postal workers and everyone else involved in delivering the mail.

Since our earliest beginnings, we have overcome wars, natural disasters and pestilence.

We have always delivered.

The year 2020, however, was the year that the postal industry showed the world its resilience, its determination, and the invaluable role it plays in every society.

We showed we are more than mail.

For the very first time, the celebrations for World Post Day will be held virtually. You can watch the ceremony by going to: 

The ceremony begins at 10:30 am and ends at 12:30 pm CET on 9 October 2020.

First Day Cover:

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